Thursday, 13 June 2013

Newcastle Bloggers

A little while ago I was contacted by a group of students to assist with an assignment for their Master's in Media and Journalism / PR. They wanted to base their assignment around a group of local bloggers who have expressed themselves through their own creative blogs. They contacted a few local bloggers - Anthony Dorman Photographer, John Jenkinson Food Blogger Scobberlotch, Alan Reed Painter and me PinkBow for personal style, fashion and beauty.

It was so interesting to take part in such a project and spend some time with a young group of students, it made me wish that such a degree had been available when I was looking for career direction when choosing a university. I loved the finished website they produced, you can see my feature here and visit the whole site here. Also to see the perspective of other local bloggers, as blogging has been relatively slow to get started here in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. 

This was also the first time I have ever been filmed, so it really was a learning curve for me too. I consider myself to be quite a shy person and yet I was surprised that I seemed to come across quite confident. At the same time, I don't really think I look like me at all, I'm sure my face doesn't usually make those odd movements ;-) But I thought I would include it here as I don't often share anything too personal and the little story which accompanies the film and photographs on their site is really quite charming.

"It's easy to forget that something that is being done from your bedroom, all of a sudden the whole world is looking at it".

Her straight black hair covered her face as she was leaving the Metro on a rainy and windy afternoon in Newcastle. Dressed in a dark blue and black dress, accessorised her outfit with a simple golden round necklace and carried her Chanel handbag.
Paula Bowron, living in Newcastle, a senior advertising executive by day and a personal style blogger with an interest in photography the rest of the time as she describes herself. As much as she enjoys going to work every morning, she felt as though, something was missing. It all started four and a half years ago, when Paula created her blog. PinkBow has given Paula the opportunity to share with readers from around the world everything that interests her from fashion, to beauty and photography. Her unique personal style makes her stand out from other bloggers, she described that one minute her interest would shift into makeup and beauty and the other minute to photography and food. Paula has always been interested in various things which makes PinkBow constantly new and fresh for its readers, as there is a bit of everything.
For Paula, her blog is her personal diary that documents all her interests and inspirations into one place, her own unique world, the world of PinkBow. During the past four years and a half, blogging has occupied a large part of her life and has opened new doors for her. PinkBow has given Paula the opportunities to attend various events and travel around to many countries. Paula described how blogging opened a lot of doors, ‘I have met a lot of different people from all around the world’. Today, Paula gets free clothes sent to her as a reason for her blog being popular, ‘so I guess I don’t need to buy any clothes which is always a good thing’, she explains.  On the other hand,  she has established casual friendships due to her blog, ‘it’s always nice to meet people that enjoy reading what you post and share similar interests’.
‘There are a lot of things around us that can inspire our fashion sense’, she explained. Fashion is a way to express oneself there is no right or wrong answer, it’s a personal thing. As for Paula, ever since she was a young girl, fashion has always influenced her.  She believes that French women and the French style are extremely elegant, it is simple and classic. Paula also loves looking for vintage pieces from the 1950’s and 60’s. Her favourite brand is Chanel; Chanel is just like a dream for her. ‘Every piece is designed beautifully; I would buy everything from there’, said Paula.
Paula herself is a big fan of blogs; she is constantly reading different blogs from around the world, in particular French and Swedish bloggers. Recently, more people in Newcastle are starting to understand the idea of blogging and local bloggers in Newcastle are starting to grow, Paula explained. Local events are slowly being organized for local bloggers to meet, however, it is still a little bit late and slow.
As a recognised blogger today, Paula explained how difficult it was for her in the beginning to stand out due to the large number of bloggers around the world and in the United Kingdom. It was not an easy job, however, her passion towards making PinkBow a well-known blog took hard work and extreme effort. The positive feedback she has received over the years, has encouraged Paula to continue blogging as her readership continues to cross the borders of Newcastle.


  1. I love your blog Paula and have been following you for several years. So nice to see you talking, you are an inspiration!

  2. Same as what Anonymous said. I don't get here often as I'd like but when I do I always enjoy the visit.
    Now I need a spare hour or so to hear from the other Newcastle Bloggers.


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