Sunday, 9 June 2013

An Afternoon in Belsay

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Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine and clear blue skies, so we hopped in the car for the short drive to nearby Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens. It has been a while since my last visit, so it was really lovely to spend an afternoon strolling the gardens and visiting the exhibition that is currently running.

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First stop the tea room and some snacks to enjoy on a picnic bench in the sunshine 
(food already eaten before any picture-taking).

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The courtyard area is full of little flowers stalls.

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And then a walk out into the gardens themselves. After letting ourselves through the gate, we were treated to the most lush greenery, the colours so vibrant on such a sunny day.

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There is a large green where a Croquet game was taking place. Like cricket, there is something so wonderfully British about watching Croquet on a sunny afternoon.

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I must confess I am very much an autumn / winter gal and always struggle with what to wear on the odd occasion we are treated to some sunshine. I find loose maxi dresses are the most comfortable, covering up my pale skin. This year I have found a few to add my collection. Along with flat shoes and sunglasses, they are an easy outfit.

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There were lots of other people out taking pictures too. Once through the gardens, is the castle. Not too much to see but still good to have a walk around.

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And finally, we popped into the main house to have a look at the exhibition, Costumes from Austen. I will share the photographs I took in my next post.

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Next Petite Maxi Stripe Dress
Chanel GST Handbag
Daniel Wellington Rose Gold Watch
Laura Lee Rose Gold Necklaces
Vintage Pearl Ring


  1. its so pretty n ..... what can i say, i wish i was there too :)
    lovely place, u might have enjoyed a LOT :D

  2. Itlooks so beautiful there, what a gorgeous place for a day out, and I love your dress too.

  3. A little piece of heaven, thanks for sharing it.


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