Monday, 17 June 2013

Addicted to... La Marinière

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La Marinière is most definitely deserving of it's own post. Also known as the Breton, it is an eternal classic. I have been building up a small collection over the last few years and having made quite a few recent purchases, thought it time to collate and document my collection. Of course this collection is by no means complete... I still have my eye on tee shirts from Armor-Lux, APC and Saint James.

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Recent buys, black and royal blue stripe long sleeve sweaters from Zara, found here, extremely good value. There is also a thick striped, slightly cropped three quarter sweater also from Zara in the pile too, white with a dark blue stripe.

Next picture is a grey and black Organic Cotton stripe from Swedish store, Gudrun Sjödén*.This shirt is of the most amazing soft but thick cotton, it's available in other colours too. And although white had been my original first choice, I quite like grey for a change from my others.

I recently bought a Breton sweater by the brand Armor-Lux. I had been stalking this brand for quite some time and discovered a sale at online store Togs + Clogs, so quickly put my order in. I'm looking forward to ordering the tee shirt too at some point.

I bought the Jaeger top a couple of years ago, better pictures here. And have had so much wear out of it. It has a lovely square neckline, is just the right length below my waist and is a lovely thick cotton. Definitely one of my best purchases.

And finally there is a very inexpensive thin, oversized cotton top from H&M that I have had for a number of years. Not the best quality but still a classic that I wear often.

If you're a fan of the Breton / La Marinière too, check out this blog for some heavenly inspiration, you may even spot a picture of me if you look hard enough ;-)


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  1. I have so, so many Breton tops too, yet I can never resist buying more...

    Becky | accooohtrements blog

  2. Ooh loving the stripes! Very cute :)

    The Little Antlers - blog
    Little Lemon Designs - portfolio

  3. I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one with an obsessive collection of bretons! Honestly when I was packing to go away on holiday I shocked myself a little by how many t-shirts, jumpers and tops I had that are in the same kind of style. I guess you must just be drawn to the things you like over and over. Plus they're so timeless, it doesn't matter!

    Hannah xx

    p.s while I was away I tried on a 2.55 in Mykonos town and was extremely tempted to splurge my savings. I'm holding off (maybe until my birthday) but it did make me think of you! Hope you're well xx

  4. yey i'm glad you're enjoying the armor lux knit, probably a bit too hot for it now but it's timeless isn't it. i have 3 of their tops from tops, the normal l/s ones and they're great. glad you're happy


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