Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Robyn's Nest

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I'm always happy to support small, creative businesses. And when I received an email recently from handmade craft store The Robyn's Nest, I was quite taken by the jewellery on offer. The Robyn's Nest is a selection of unique jewellery handmade in Scotland by Robyn Tinch. As well as the pieces you can see on the site, Robyn also specialises in custom made bracelets and is happy to work with customers to create unique, bespoke, custom made jewellery. The pieces I chose, as you can see below are the Kittiwake bracelet, the Storm Petrel bracelet and two of the rose-toned Crow bangles. I think they look good stacked together or as a single statement piece. And I very much adore the little wing charms that are attached to each bracelet.

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  1. They are so beautiful and unique!Love 'em...

  2. they're very pretty! I always worry I will break jewelery like that...

  3. These are so delicate and lovely. And how cute is that business card? Robyn is doing some excellent work there. x

  4. these are so delicate and pretty! i really like the bronzey thin bangles with the skulls on there.

    little henry lee


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