Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Cashmere

Although knitwear and jumpers are usually worn in the winter, cashmere isn’t only for the colder months. It’s the perfect addition to any woman’s summer wardrobe whether used to fend off the chill in the evening or as a light jumper in the spring. This luxury fabric offers a quality and style that can’t be matched by anything else and the lightweight fibres are specifically designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Given their feather light quality and thin insulation they become the ideal layer for colder days, yet can translate to summer sun easily with their semi sheer appearance. Pure Collection has spent time perfecting versatile lightweight cashmere to be worn throughout the summer.

As the experts in cashmere, Pure Collection only use herders of Inner Mongolia to ensure their cashmere is of the finest fibres and highest quality. Their attention to its natural qualities, allow their collections to enhance the features of the raw cashmere with both soft and neutral, and rich and vibrant shades to create sophisticated timeless pieces.

To ensure the cashmere is as soft as possible but still perfectly coloured, different shades of wool are used for lights and darks so the minimal amount of dye can be used. Labelled an essential luxury by Pure Collection, all their cashmere has been obtained from sustainable farming since 2008 as well as being contemporary, beautiful and something you would be proud to wear.

Cared for correctly, your cashmere can last for years and be worn during every season. Ideally it should be hand washed and stored in a breathable area away from oils and deodorant, and will continue to be a durable, classic and essential piece in your wardrobe.

The contemporary, stylish pieces that make up the Featherweight Collection will tempt even the most staid shopper and appeal to the more adventurous fashionista as well. With soft neutral patterns and shades, Pure Collection offer an updated version of a wardrobe staple that will no doubt see you through the next several years. With cuts and shapes to suit anyone’s style the curved hem featherweight cashmere sweater is a more on-trend design offered in vibrant colours such as ‘Prussian Blue’. Teamed with a pair of slim trousers or some capri pants it would complete the perfect transitional outfit.

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