Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Longing for Spring

 photo spr-15_zps69adaf94.jpg
This winter feels like the longest on record. Difficult to believe at exactly this time last year we were experiencing a rather unusual heat-wave, instead most of Britain last week suffered a tremendous snow-fall. So this past Easter weekend, I took the immediate chance of a spot of sunshine to take some almost-Spring pictures. Sadly still very cold temperatures, I can only hope by donning some Spring attire that it really will be just around the corner.

 photo spr-5_zpsdecf8fb4.jpg

 photo spr-6_zpsf7f1f73b.jpg

 photo spr-2_zps5b87b40d.jpg

 photo spr-17_zpsfeb4e20c.jpg

 photo spr-11_zps11dd2d73.jpg

 photo spr-16_zpsd2c2e3d5.jpg

 photo spr-23_zps9e6e0701.jpg

 photo spr-25_zpsa5a61e24.jpg

 photo spr-9_zps8a813c69.jpg

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 photo spr-14_zpsaecbd2a5.jpg

 photo spr-7_zps3fcdd421.jpg

 photo spr-18_zps42407170.jpg

 photo spr-24_zpsedd62d16.jpg

 photo spr-13_zps69ae76c4.jpg

 photo spr-26_zps4e13eef3.jpg

M&S - Cashmere Cardigan
Tabio - 110d Tights
Liberty of London - Monica Vinada Gold Ring
Mini Straw Bag


  1. It's so cold and I am sick of it - you look fabulous - as always!

  2. Wow, found your blog by chance, because I love pink, was googling about pink bows - and there your blog appeared! It's a lovely blog and you look so beautiful - I loved your whole outfit, but the dress is really amazing (ballerinas too!) Nice you took pictures with flowers! You can tell it's still cold in Britain, I caught a cold last Sunday and am struggling in bed now!

  3. your pics are beautiful especially the third one :)

  4. So pretty, j'adore! I do hope your little sunshine 'dance' pays off.

    p.s. I need this dress in my life.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Denise - thank you so much for your kind words :-)

  6. That dress is so lovely Paula - I'm always cooing over the dresses in French Connection but they're always far too long on me. I need to grow!

  7. I am missing last Spring so much! Perhaps the cheerful flowers and blossoms emerging will wake the weather up though :) I absolutely love the beautiful print of your dress!

    Florrie x

  8. Lovely photos! I've just written exactly the same type of thing tonight.. and lusting over French Connection's SS13.. I love the floral shirt dress too - especially in the pale blue! I'm so ready for the summer time now!! SICK of all this cold weather!

    Hannah xx

  9. Love your watch ! your pictures are so cool !

  10. You look lovely here but you are making me wish for sunshine!

    Maria xxx

  11. well you can only try look on the bright side, i know you must have been chilly

  12. that dress is so pretty! love the print!

  13. The flowers are a lovely addition to the outfit, their colours are beautiful!xx

  14. That FC dress looks so you and very lovely P

  15. I am right there with you! I like Winter, but enough is enough! These are such lovely pictures from the outfit, to the flowers, to your beautiful face :) Thanks for putting them up.
    I don't know if you remember spotting my rose liqueur on instagram, but I have a recipe up using it if you'd like to see :)
    <3 Abby


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