Friday, 26 April 2013

Le Macaron

 photo lad-12_zps9f0aa1f9.jpg
In celebration of blogger favourite, Le Macaron. No less delicious when crushed, through hurriedly stuffing the pretty green bag and box into my case after a pitstop tour to Harrods' Ladurée on my recent trip to London. Shown here with a Macaron trinket box (seen before) and a relatively new Ladurée Almanac book - a year-less diary filled with recipes and lifestyle tips with space enough to fit personal memoirs and notes of personal importance.

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  1. So pretty & girly. They just scream Paris <3


  2. Nothing like macarons that make me weak at the knees! I love the look of that Laduree diary too!

    xx Carina

  3. So charming! I loved this trinket box, easily be mistaken for a macaron. The book looks very interesting too and I know I'll be having macarons this afternoon. xx

  4. I love the ensemble! They're so cute and pretty toegtherxx

  5. oh yum! I ate so many of these in Paris - so good! and I still love the trinket box.

  6. you almost had me then, looks well realistic

  7. I adore macarons, especially Laduree!


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