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Murano glass has long featured on my radar, ever since I discovered stunning multi-coloured Murano glass chandeliers in the interior magazines I used to devour. In case you are not already familiar, Murano glass is a famous product from the island of Murano, situated just off the Venice coast in Italy. It was by the 10th century, that the city become mostly known for its talented glassmakers and the glassware that became know as ‘Murano Glass’. These artisans perfected many types of glass making methods back then that are still being used today in the modern production of everything from glass figurines, to glass ornaments, to glass chandeliers. The beautiful use of colour in their making is what makes Murano glass most striking for me.

 photo murano-a_zps05d1d84c.jpg
For today’s modern society, Murano Glass is easily accessible. Selling only original Murano Glassware, online shop stocks a huge range of products – Vases, Centrepieces, Goblets, Sculptures, Lighting, Mirrors, Jewellery, Glassware and many Gift ideas. The company is based in the historical heart of Venice, with many trips paid to the nearby island of Murano to meet with the glassmakers in order to stay up to date with their latest creations and innovations. The idea of enables buyers around the world to be able to purchase this traditional and original Venetian glassware, from the comfort of your own home.

 photo murano-2_zpsd94eef41.jpg
For the purpose of this post and being a predominantly fashion blog, I have chosen to focus on the Murano jewellery line. Personally, I tend to wear quite a lot of black and I look to my accessories to make the statement. Whether it be sunglasses, shoes or handbags, jewellery is probably the easiest, quickest and most affordable way of doing this. I already own some pieces of glass and crystal jewellery, and for me the more colourful the better. I think this is the beauty of choosing glass jewellery, as these colours can be as bright or as muted as you prefer. Here you can see three different pieces of jewellery and their variations in hue…

 photo murano-pic3_zps091e4518.jpg
YourMurano focus on Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and Beads in their jewellery line. Or on there is a Venetian Glass Jewellery Luxury Edition which was my first port of call. I do like to see the higher end ranges, as there is usually more detail, work and craftmaship that has gone into making them. The colours and detail are quite breath-taking and so classic. I can imagine these being worn today with as much style as they would have been worn back in the 50’s or 60’s, and for many years to come. Here are some of my favourites…
 photo murano-pic4_zpsc6857e0e.jpg

Or, if you have a slightly smaller budget, there are pieces in the range such as the Beads. I think these heart shaped Medea Beads by Ercole Moretti would look so beautiful with a piece of luxury ribbon strung through to make a really striking necklace. It would be so simple to change the colour of the ribbon to change the look of the necklace to compliment different outfits.
 photo murano-pic5_zpsaa76e91e.jpg

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