Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pretty Spring Manicure

With Spring just around the corner (although you wouldn't think it with the current forecast for heavy rain and threat of snow), I decided to feature a manicure reminiscent of the spring season. Perfect to wear with pastel clothes and accessories for when temperatures urge us to shed our layers and wear some lighter pieces.

Here is what you will need...

 photo man-2_zpsf2612a46.jpg
Nail varnish remover to remove any old polish (this one is Paul & Joe), an emery board to file and shape (mine is from Muji), some nail cream (I am currently using Christian Dior's Crème Abricot and an almond oil from Superdrug which also has a cuticle tool on the tip), some handcream (this is Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm), a base and top coat (I'm currently using the brand, Save the Nail), a nude polish (I am using Chanel's Ballerina) and finally some nail art stickers (I found mine on eBay for a couple of pounds).

 photo man-3_zps26fbd1df.jpg
Firstly, remove any old nail polish with the remover.

 photo man-6_zps2784abcf.jpg
Next, apply the nail cream. I use the Christian Dior Crème Abricot, which I massage all over each nail and leave it to sink in for quite a long time before moving on to the next step. The consistency is so thick and moisturising, any new polish will not last very long sitting on top of a greasy film, so it needs to be completely dry. I also use some of the hand cream while I am waiting for the nail cream to dry out.

 photo man-1_zpsbe36daf9.jpg
Once dry, I use the emery board to file and shape my nails. I like mine quite short, in a square shape with slightly rounded edges.

 photo man-7_zps63c89c8c.jpg
I then use the Cuticle Oil pen to brush some extra oil along the nail base. And use the cuticle tool on the oil pen to push back the cuticles if needed.

 photo man-5_zpsbf24d491.jpg
I then apply a base coat.

 photo man-8_zpse276a143.jpg
And paint some nail polish on my nails. I have used four coats of this polish as it is very sheer.

 photo man-4_zps4500eaa8.jpg
I have the nail art stickers to hand.

 photo man-9_zpsf756c1a1.jpg
The stickers peel off the plastic sheet, although they are quite fiddly.

 photo man-10_zps9b4f80a0.jpg
I reach for some point tweezers for precision in applying the stickers on my nails in the exact position I want them to be in.

 photo man-11_zps6bc3f01a.jpg
And finally, I cover the nails with a 45 second top coat, to seal the stickers and nail polish.

 photo man-12_zpsc9048801.jpg

 photo man-14_zpscdaec3cd.jpg

 photo man-13_zps87f8291c.jpg

 photo man-15_zps4788096c.jpg
And the final look - an easier way of achieving a nail-art effect than the usual painting with nail-art pens. 


  1. oh, trully beautiful! No doubt!

  2. love the color, love those teeny tiny flowers, love the shape of your nails, very pretty :-)

  3. This is super pretty! I have such a shakey hand, but I actually think this is something I could manage!

  4. This is so pretty and perfect for spring.. if it ever arrives. x

  5. These are gorgeous! I love the flowers x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. Great step by step, the photographs a beautiful and I love the end result, so feminine.

  7. this is very pretty. sometimes nail art can look a little tacky, but this looks very chic.

  8. Such a lovely post, gorgeous pictures too, I could look at them all day. Just so pretty!


  9. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the addition of the little flowers, makes it super pretty and delicate!


  10. This is really pretty, I love the coloursxx

  11. So pretty love the tiny flowers set on that pale colour
    Kat x

  12. Pretty manicure love how you displayed everything on the little tray!

  13. Hey,
    you've got such a lovely blog!

    if you have time please look at my blog aswell and maybe we can follow each other?


  14. Wonderful - so pretty and fabulous photos as always!

  15. I would have never thought to put stickers on my nails, but the end result is so cute, I may just give it a whirl myself! xx

  16. such a beautiful post, you really know how to treat yourself to a manicure! i love paul & joe's packaging, even though their nail polish remove is so expensive compared to a bottle you can buy for a few dollars it's worth buying and then refilling with the cheaper stuff once it runs out, haha. and i love that cuticle oil pen, what a great idea, i might have to track that down.


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