Tuesday, 26 March 2013

On My Agenda

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I'm not usually so fickle but for some reason the agenda I had bought for 2013 just wasn't working for me. I always buy Moleskines and this time chose one of the Special Edition diaries, Le Petit Prince. Unfortunately, I had never been happy with this diary once I started using it, so I began looking into higher-end journals and agendas. I had had my eye on the Smythson Fashion Diary for many many years but could not bring myself to part with £140 for a diary that would only last one year and which I would have to re-purchase again the following year. I was happy to invest but only something that I would get more than one year's use out of. 

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So I began to research and found a Pocket Diary from Louis Vuitton that is bought with a separate diary that is inserted into a leather wallet and which can be replaced with a fresh book year after year. I chose the Japanese diary (written in English/French) as the days are unlined and it arrived with a separate address book and atlas which can also be inserted within the wallet. The leather finish of the wallet is available in various patterns, the usual LV monogram etc, but I chose the black Epi leather as it is a little more simple. Louis Vuitton currently offer a free hot stamping service, so I had my initials stamped onto the leather in silver. And I also came across a couple of inexpensive stylish pens so I have something pretty to write with too.

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  1. What a treat, it's lovely!



  2. Gorgeous! I have a LV monogrammed mini filofax which I no longer use as I've been convered to moleskine diaries but lately I have been thinking about making use of it as a notebook... you have inspired me to dig it out and def do this!!

    Victoria xx

    PS FYI I don't seem able to comment when I read your blog via bloglovin, I had to open your site as a new tab directly. Just thought you might be interested with the influx of people coming through Bloglovin now who might be experiencing the same issues.


  3. Victoria - thank you so much, I will look into it x

  4. I love a good diary, I have a smythson diary and if i forget it I feel like ive lost an arm!

    I have a little necklace giveaway on my blog, I think youd really like it!

    kisses xxx


  5. Très classe et élégant :)


    Coline ♡

  6. too cute, I suck as actually keeping anything in schedules, or diaries but it's so chic to pull out of your bag i bet. I'd be impressed haha.

  7. aww that's so elegant! Just like the kind I'd imagine would fall out of Holly Golightly's handbag... And it's so classic that it will last you a lifetime. Love love love!

    Hannah xx

  8. I love your agenda!! xx Melle



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