Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lula ~ 16

 photo l16-26_zpseafb397a.jpg
The latest issue of Lula magazine, pictured with some favourite things from around my bedroom. The magazine is filled with some amazing editorials, advertisements, features, interviews and of course the ever whimsical photography. Here once again, are some of my favourite pages...

 photo l16-7_zpsd8a8f52d.jpg

 photo l16-4_zps0af33253.jpg

 photo l16-5_zps32b12308.jpg

 photo l16-6_zps3a63f73a.jpg

 photo l16-2_zps0110b664.jpg

 photo l16-9_zpsd897b889.jpg

 photo l16-10_zps5b30088e.jpg

 photo l16-11_zps99c78495.jpg

 photo l16-12_zps2558f48f.jpg

 photo l16-15_zpsae20f354.jpg

 photo l16-14_zpsd84bd853.jpg

 photo l16-16_zpsda5f95ed.jpg

 photo l16-17_zpse4556047.jpg

 photo lula16-Collage-1_zps55a215cd.jpg

 photo l16-18_zps9e959505.jpg

 photo l16-19_zps70008eda.jpg

 photo l16-20_zps054ba897.jpg

 photo l16-21_zps9a38f26b.jpg

 photo l16-22_zps004fb2fb.jpg

 photo l16-24_zps9dee4064.jpg

 photo l16-25_zps510dc84c.jpg

 photo l16-3_zpsb6b6659a.jpg

See also some other Lula features:


  1. I love the photos in that magazine, they're lovelyxx

  2. This post makes me really want to subscribe to Lula! x

  3. I've never seen Lula Magazine here, and I looked through the site, it looks very nice. Love the snap shots, too.

    Adorable photos, you can never go wrong with Chanel and YSL. xx

  4. OMG you have such a beautiful blog :D xoxo

  5. Definitely one of my favorite magazine!

  6. I got the other cover. It's another lovely issue, isn't it.
    and that Chanel polish is a gorgeous colour!
    kat xx


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