Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday List #1

  • ● Buy Kindle Edition of Patti Smith's Just Kids. I've heard such good things about this book, even though it has been out a couple of years. And when I saw Young go to see a talk by Patti herself and be so moved by it, I knew I had to buy it.
  • ● Start my Christmas shopping. November already! So I'm going to start saving myself time shopping mail order with Catalogues UK. I hate shopping in shopping centres at the best of times but Christmas is my worst nightmare. I'd much rather shop for gifts and for myself by the comfort of my armchair. Plümo, Toast and the V&A Shop are already favourites this year.
  • ● Look for stylish Christmas cards. I have made a start already with these.
  • ● Catch up with the last three episodes of Made in Chelsea on my iPad. Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure, right? Well this is mine. I love to see what they're wearing and the places they go to in London. I've been busy the last few weeks so haven't had chance to sit down and watch any tv, this weekend I will look forward to this.
  • ● Order new iPhone. Finally, the time has come. The home button is not working working too well and has been driving me mad, so I can't wait to get a new phone. Pity there is a month waiting list for this.

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. I recently wrote a little piece for the illustrator Tracey Meek on her Christmas Cards- read her little story behind them if you get a minute, I think they are just lovely!

  2. such a cute to do list....!

  3. lists start to get busy round about here. mine is quite short though, gym, bike ride, blog post, work, sunday dinner food shop

  4. i've done a good bit of christmas shopping but didn't get christmas cards which I kind of needed first...woops! my bank balance hurts so much but I think I'm almost done.
    Have the Patti Smith on my reading list for too long also!

  5. Super cute list! I am still struggling to find cards I like. :(



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