Saturday, 27 October 2012

Style Icon ~ Costanza Pascolato


I have discovered, through the amazing lens of Garance Doré, a new style icon to adore. Italian-born, Brazilian Vogue contributor - Costanza Pascolato is the most stylish, charismatic and graceful lady I have seen in a long time. With a talented natural eye, she knows exactly how to dress for herself and what suits her. Looking back at some of her old photographs, she seems to have reached her most stylish peak so far, at the remarkable age of almost 73 years of age. I say remarkable, because for one she does not look her age and for another she dresses so perfectly. With her trademark glasses and coiffeured hair, she doesn't hide anything and doesn't try to look younger but celebrates the poise and grace of a mature lady. This is how I want to look now, never mind in another thirty years time. 

See also the interviews from Garance's Pardon My French feature, which I have included below, (just in case you haven't seen them already). * Edit: I have removed the videos as the links keep changing, but please do check them out on Garance's YouTube channel.







Mademoiselle Poirot said...

She looks absolutely amazing, elegant, rock 'n roll, fashionable and classic at the same time... Now that's something worth aspiring to! Have a lovely weekend xo

Sacramento Amate said...

What a fantastic post, ahhhhhhhhhh
You made my day, dear friend.

MONI said...

what a classy and stylish lady! and what is THAT? she's too funny

İpek said...

She definitely has a natural grace and I admire her. I love women and men who embrace their age and amturity and crown it with class and style. Trying to look 30 when you are 60 is just ridiculous and every age should have its own beauty through style and attitude. She is definitely a role model.

Mat said...

she looks very full of beans for her age

Alexandra said...

She's amazing!