Sunday, 30 September 2012

iPhone Pics - September 2012

I love playing around with the different functions on my iPhone, I've had some photography apps for a while without really doing anything with them. So this month I made an effort to utilise and get to know Snapseed. It does take a bit more time and effort than just using the usual Instagram filters but I still haven't decided whether I like the effect or not!

1. View from my bed. 2. My bathroom. 3. Dreaming of Paris.
4. Favourite breakfast. 5. New York Winter painting. 6. Diet Coke break.
7&8. MaxMara fashion show in Fenwick. 9. On the way to London.
10. Brunch in Notting Hill. 11. Lunch in Notting Hill. 12. Miniature Valentina Assoluto perfume.

1. Package from Valentino. 2. Ginger cocktail. 3. Fish & chips.
4. Longingly looking at my bed wanting a snooze. 5. Virgin Atlantic animate drawing as hair inspiration as I start to re-grow my long hair. 6. First Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the season.
7. Half-moon manicure. 8. Second Pumpkin Spiced Latte. 9. Obsessed with Lana Del Rey.
10. Rainy day. 11. The things you find on the street. 12. The new Simple Things magazine.


  1. i love your pics! very soft and calm, xx

  2. i always end up using about three different photo editing apps on my phone for an instagram photo, and although i've got snapseed it's not always one of them! it's a lot more work than just putting on a straight instagram filter but playing around with them means i'm a lot happier with the final product and using different apps lets me have more control cause there isn't just one app that lets me do everything i want. a bit excessive really, just for instagram photos but i find it fun. :)

  3. I really enjoy your snapshots; it's like a little tour of your daily life and little details, of course always beautifully captured.

  4. :) I'm little bit addicted to instagram and also to your blog:) These pics are cute!


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