Thursday, 2 August 2012


When I bought my most recent vintage purchase, this 1950's cotton dress, I was aware that I was buying a piece so old, it would most likely not be in pristine condition. When the dress arrived, it was a little faded in places, the white and pink cotton not quite as bright as it probably once was. Although adding to it's charm and still very much loved, I have every intention of brightening it up a bit myself. The way I usually do this is by using products from the Vanish range. Vanish are branded for stain removal but I find that these treatments work just as well for brightening up my light coloured clothing also.


I find it most useful to always keep a supply of Vanish to hand in my kitchen because you can guarantee I will need it the most on the day I have ran out! Likewise, I find that I most likely to spill something on myself when wearing light coloured clothing, never dark - coffee stains I'm talking to you! There is a handy page on the Vanish website which helps locate the type of stain, whether it be cosmetics, food, drinks etc and offers an easy instant solution. There are a whole range of products to suit all kinds of stain removal - handy to know if you're a clothes-lover like me!


  1. i use it very often cus i don't have luck and i break mug often so my whole rugs are full of coffee and it does help <3

  2. i had this vanish stick which you rubbed on areas and it cleaned it, nifty


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