Friday, 31 August 2012

iPhone Pics - July & August 2012

Another double month round-up of iPhone pictures, (as I cheated with iPhone posts on London through Instagram and HP Studio Tour through Instagram throughout the months)...

1. The Olympic rings on the Tyne Bridge; 2. Kitsch Fondant Fancies; 3. French Soda from M&S; 4. New-old vintage dress; 5. What I wore; 6, 7, 8. Early coffee meeting at Cafe Royal with a friend. 9. Shellac manicure.

1. Flamingo lipstick by Tom Ford; 2, 3, 4. An afternoon spent at Jesmond Dene House; 5, 6. Drinks afterwards at Hotel du Vin; 7. A bread board at Lola Jean's in Tynemouth; 8. A mess hanging on the back of my dressing room door; 9. Birthday mini ice-cream cups courtesy of Haagen-Dazs

1. Pralines & Cream - my favourite Haagen-Dazs flavour; 2. Cakes at Cafe Royal; 3. A country lane in Newcastle; 4. Not a Genuine Ginger (I suited the moustache a little too well I think); 5. Beetroot & Goats Cheese Salad at The Angel Inn in Corbridge; 6. Pretty things on my dressing table; 7. Krispy Kreme Doughnut; 8. Windsor Castle; 9. Cat-eye sunglasses

1. Map of Windsor Castle; 2, 3, 4. Latte in the sun at The Black Horse at Beamish; 5. New shoes; 6. New buys from RE in Corbridge; 7. Hat boxes from M&S to match my bedding; 8. A morning cup of tea from Graze; 9. New Sonia Rykiel scarf from Zalando


April Louise said...

I love the wallpaper behind the new-old vintage dress!

nyloncake said...

such a beautiful things P!

Please may I? said...

You always manage such stylish photos. looks like you have had a very busy time of it too.

X x

Maria Ana said...

I love following you on Instagram, it's so fun:)


Vivi said...

love all your piccies always xoxo


Lau' said...

Your pictures and your blog are so great! you've done a nice job! x

Lau' from :

Arielle Domb said...

Your pictures are so fantastic! I love your blog.
If you have a chance please check out my photography blog: xx

Coco said...

Lovely pictures and lovely settings! You got that pink coral shoes into my head and keep reminding me of them!!stay in touch dear, love Coco