Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fashion for Home

Recently I have been thinking about the day I will move and upgrade from my little flat. I've lived in my small two-bedroom flat just outside of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England for almost ten years. My very first owned property, I love it as much today as when I first moved in.  I have always considered property to be a work in progress and I constantly keep my eyes peeled wherever I go for interesting pieces of furniture or accessories that will make my home personal. I'm a keen lover of small independent shops and flea-markets, I don't mind something being secondhand or designer, whatever catches my eye is fine with me. Some things have been replaced over the last ten years and others I see as being with me for a lifetime.

Of course being fairly small, my flat doesn't allow me much room to buy all of the pieces of furniture I would like to and I suppose one day the change will be made to move on to a home on a bigger scale. So when I was contacted by Fashion for Home to browse their site and choose some favourites, it was with relish that I could at least dream of one day owning a larger house to fit more of my dream pieces within it. I like the idea of fashion and interior merging, they are so closely interlinked and I think one's own personal style in clothing and accessories bear a lot of resemblance to interior choices. I had a lot of fun choosing my favourites, you can visit the site too...

fashion for home - living

Living - Daiquiri Lounge Chair, Indus 8-Arm Pendant Light, Grid IV Black Oak Shelf, Finement Console Table, Finement Coffee Table, Buckingham Dark Grey 3-Seat Sofa

fashion for home - dining

Dining - Poetique Clock, Poetique Chairs, Poetique Table Lamp, Lyra 5-Arm Pendant Lamp, Poetique Dining Table, Adorno Wine Cabinet

fashion for home - sleeping

Bedroom - Paripurna Beige Leather Bed, Poetique Mirror, Poetique Box Set, Adorno Clothes Rack, Zalando Wide Shoe Cabinet, Finement White Chest of Drawers, Adorno Chest, Lumiera Black Chandelier, Benita White Leather Lounger, Rug

fashion for home - office

Office - Harry Dark Grey Armchair and Ottomon, Poetique Letter Rack, Finement Bureau Desk, Antares Silver Desk Lamp, Solaris Gold and Black Pendant Lamp

All images from Fashion at Home.


  1. Wow, everything you chose is gorgeous! I especially love the Daiquiri lounge chair and the white wine cabinet- just beautiful! xx

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  2. Great pieces. I love the curved legs and the sleek couch at the top. Ten years is quite impressive and I agree that your home should reflect a bit of your fashion sense x

  3. Ah all these are so beautiful! I would love to have them.

  4. I love the vintage set of furniture.. :D definitely the ones I would buy when I get my own home soon :D

    xoxo, Rhea Bue

  5. well i can relate to this, i think i like homeware and housey design stuff more than clothing in a way. it's all connected i guess in your own style, cant wait for me own place

  6. lovely pieces. I can't wait to have my own place to decorate!


  7. i always think about moving out of home and what furniture i would buy, because it's such a commitment. if you buy one nice couch you're going to keep it for years and years, you can't have another one in a few months time if you see one you like more. i guess i have a while to pick my furniture though, haha.

  8. I'm getting so excited about furniture at the moment, hoping to get my own flat in the summer with the Mr.
    I really like those cube shelving units, they're definitely on my shopping list. x

  9. This is so cool!!
    I will move on this month, so I'm looking for to good inspiration of my new room too!
    Your post was very helpful for me! thanks for your beautiful sense.
    and Hope you can find a special room for you!

  10. My two dreams are to have a beautiful large vanity and a library- complete with two stories, a balcony, a fire place, and custom hand carved shelves! ...a girl can dream right?!!


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