Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Give Up Clothes for Good

Last month I was invited by TK Maxx with a handful of other bloggers, to a private dinner at the Paramount, Centrepoint in London to attend a preview of their "Give Up Clothes for Good' Campaign. You can see the video from the evening above (which I am not in by the way, time ran out before my filming piece). I have also included another video below featuring Natalie Hartley, Senior Fashion Editor for InStyle magazine, as I think she sums up perfectly what the campaign is about. You can see various videos from the campaign on the TK Maxx YouTube channel, as they have gained support from both the the cast of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea as well as other celebrities.

Launched in 2004, the Give Up Clothes for Good campaign was launched as a partnership between leading charity Cancer Research UK and brands for less store TK Maxx. They ask everyone in the UK to clear out their wardrobes to take part in the biggest clothing collection ever. Supported by shoppers around the country, Give Up Clothes for Good has already raised a staggering £10 million and aims to raise another £2.5 million this year. So all you need to do is have a clear-out of your wardrobe and donate those pieces you no longer wear directly to your local TK Maxx store, remembering that the higher priced and on-trend pieces will provide more money for the charity.

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  1. Such a good campaign
    And an amazing amount raised in the past!
    Kat x


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