Sunday, 18 March 2012

Recent Acquisitions








Paul & Joe Cosmetics - Loose Powder, Limited Edition Powder Compact, Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner with Brush, Washbag Gift





Muji (these may just be boring basics but the sleek Japanese packaging makes them a lot more interesting) - Lint Roller with Refills, Ear-Plugs, Nail Files, Cedar Blocks, Madeleine Silicone Baking Tray (I've wanted to try to make these for ages, hopefully I will have the results posted on here very soon)


Zara - Jacket, Blue Top, Cape Dress and Basket Weave Shoes (since returned as they were cut a little too low for me)


Buffalo David Bitton floral blouse

Harrods-themed GlossyBox for March

Conch Shell brought back from Barbados as a gift from my parents


Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

Paul & Jo just have the most adorable packaging :) Gorgeous Zara flats too :)

Love, Vanilla

Annarack said...

Lovely items here and that powder puff is to die for, takes me back to my childhood for some reason.

Becky said...

The Paul & Joe packaging is so pretty, I love the bag it came in too!

Elizabeth said...

The packaging is just delightful. It's great to surround oneself with pretty things.x

İpek said...

So beautiful. I loved the powder compact so much! Timeless designs are always the best.

Pretty-quirky said...

Lovely photos, really like the gold bag :)x

Harriet said...

Ohh I saw those shoes in Zara but they were cut very low! Not very much sho too them at all! I do so love your 'thins' posts - you arrange everything so beautifully!

Notting Hill Girl said...

I'd love to see how your madeleines turn out! I keep adding vintage trays in my Etsy account and then they sell. I think I'll just buy this Muji version instead :) NHG x

Valerie Enríquez said...

Ooh have fun with the madeleine pan, I love baking them every few months for friends. I almost started selling them because they disappeared so quick. Nothing tastes quite like the fresh kind :)

Maria said...

I love Paul & Joe stuff so much!

Maria xxx

Tara said...

Those flats are gorgeous!

Fashion-isha said...

Everything looks amazing and fun! Enjoy your new goodies!

Jessica said...

Ah, so jealous! I love paul & joe.

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

[sigh] lush photos. Where do you buy your P&J products? I think they are hard to find. Xx

PinkBow said...

Nicki - they were from harrods :-)

Jackie said...

what amazing buys!


kat said...

Love your Paul and joe choices honey.
The little cat bag is so cute too!
Also love your blouse with the flower print and that Zara jacket.
Love kat xx

Rachel said...

I really want that blue Zara top, and I really considered that Zalando Collection bag, but I went for some shoes and a top instead!

Vicki said...

love all your purchases!!! :) xo

Please may I? said...

They all all so lovely. Shame about the shoes as they were stunning.

X x

Please may I? said...

They all all so lovely. Shame about the shoes as they were stunning.

X x

Julia said...

Tout est magnifique !!! J'adore toujours venir ici ça me fait rêver :)

LottsandLots said...

The Paul & Joe packaging is so cute, would buy for the packaging alone! Would you recommend Glossybox, I have heard about it but never joined?

Lotts x

PinkBow said...

Lotsandlots - I didn't think I would like them particularly but have really enjoyed the surprise element and it has given me the chance to try things I wouldn't otherwise. I think some months are better value than others but it all balances out :-)

little henry lee said...

paul and joe have such beautiful packaging! i haven't seen any of their products in real life for me to test out but i want some anyway just for the containers!

Mat said...

muji rocks my woolen socks

Conversation Pieces said...

Lovely purchases... always fancied buying a Paul and Joe cat lipstick just because ;) And the shell's a pretty lovely gift too :)

Charlotte (theteapotexplodes) said...

I love the Paul & Joe packaging - it's so pretty! Did you get it in London? I must track some down. Your blog is always so pretty and never fails to cheer me up. Charlotte

PinkBow said...

Charlotte - thank you! Yes, I bought it in harrods in london

LapindeLune said...

I love the zara jacket, have been mulling over it recently!
These are beautiful images, such pretty packaging - i am a sucker for such things. I need the paul and joe washbag in my life!