Wednesday, 30 November 2011

iPhone Pics - October & November 2011

I was a little wiped out in the month of October, with a nasty winter cold I couldn't seem to shake. Taking photographs was the last thing on mind and there weren't enough to make up my monthly 'iPhone Pics' post, so here they are mixed in with the month of November...


Autumn finally arrived. I took my new Marant boots for a walk.


Saturday lunch at Pan Haggerty's in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Cocktails at Malmaison in Newcastle upon Tyne. A walk along the Quayside in full view of the Tyne Bridge.


Mini cupcakes in Jaeger. The first day of Starbucks' Red Cups.


A friend bought me a sunshine cupcake. The remains of a healthy fruit lunch.


Fenwicks Window in Newcastle upon Tyne is the start of Christmas.


A movie poster in Popolo's in Newcastle upon Tyne. Elvis outside of an American Diner in Seaburn.


Call in at Costa Coffee on the drive to Manchester to sample their festive treats.


The Smoak Bar & Grill in Malmaison Hotel in Manchester. The sky over the Manchester markets.


Cocktails in the Ember Lounge in Malmaison Hotel in Manchester. Red vino in the hair salon.


The Vivienne Westwood (?) wallpaper in Malmaison Manchester. The Big Wheel.


The views over Manchester in the Big Wheel.


Inexpensive flowers. Another view of the Tyne Bridge.


The Turner Prize at BALTIC in Gateshead.


More coffee.


Tunes to listen to on my iPod for my Metro journey courtesy of She & Him and Nat King Cole.


The Take10 feature in Company magazine. Looking down.


İpek said...

A perfect ending for the November! Oh how I loved your Chanel flats. All images are lovely and make me love autumn even more.

Booze, travel and tasty food...

Does it get better?


Cat said...

Gorgeous pics... You lead a much more interesting life than me - all of my instagram photos are of the cat! Love your Chanel ballerinas, I can only dream of owning a pair myself...They were designed for such a chic lady as yourself!

Cat xxx

Becky said...

I love the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper, I've seen it in a pub in Northumberland before. Great photo of the Tyne Bridge too.

Vicki said...

amazing amazing!! love the she and him xmas album! i ordered it monday and cant wait to get it ;) xx

Cara said...

lovely photos!

Michelle Lee said...

Lovely photos :)

Gawgus things... said...

My mouth is watering from all the scrummy food pics! XX

Lianne Marie Binks said...

I LOVE a very She & Him Christmas!

Little Lj said...

Ooh, been meaning to get the She&Him Christmas album... will do this right now! I had my first Starbucks red cup today - gingerbread latte woo!

Eloise said...

All the treats have made me hungry, and all the festive pictures have made me ridiculously excited for christmas! Awesome pictures, I love these monthly style posts


Winnie said...

Your boots are gorgeous!! Love the look of the cupcake, cocktails and those Chanel flats are so wonderful!

Myco said...

What adorable pieces!!! really dreaming....