Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hair Care

I occasionally receive comments on my hair and how I manage to keep it looking shiny and in good condition. Although not in the best condition it could be in, I still decided to make a post to share my hair care routine and the products I use. A few of you may remember a few months ago, I had around five or six inches cut. It felt like a huge decision at the time but was probably the best thing I could have done. I had very long hair but it was starting to look straggly, that no amount of regular trimming seemed to help. I always knew that eventually I would have my hair cut to shoulder length and one day I just decided to get on and do it.

After washing, I comb my hair when wet using a wide tooth comb. I section and make my centre parting using a tail comb and sectioning clips for when drying. I use a retro style Revlon hairdryer which is relatively fast-drying and a (very old) Mason Pearson hair brush - I think they are the best hair brushes around. The scissors were donated to me by a hairdresser friend for when I choose to trim my own fringe.


My daily routine is fairly basic and inexpensive and for occasional use, nights out or when in need of a treat, I will use the 'luxury' products. I find that changing products every now and again really seems to make a huge difference to my hair. So for daily use, L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore Shampoo, Boots Coconut Leave-In Spray Conditioner, finished off with Boots Hair Serum and VO5 Gel Spray to smooth down flyaway ends (of which I have many).


My 'luxury' products consist of various Kerastase products which smooth and protect - and smell incredibly good! I use products from the Nutri-Sculpt, Chroma Reflect and Ciment Thermique ranges.


I colour my hair at home roughly every four weeks using L'Oreal Castings in Dark Brown. I have been using this colour or similar for the last twenty years. What was once for vanity purposes only has now turned into an absolute need due to the curse of the silver threads over the last ten years.

I confess to using a ghd styler most days when I leave my hair down. In an ideal world, I wouldn't straighten my hair every day but unfortunately I have the kind of frizzy hair which expands in any kind of humidity. Like every other girl in the world (I would imagine) with this problem, ghd revolutionised my hair grooming, enabling my hair to sit comfortably in every hair style I could possibly want - generally sleek and straight. This is my second pair of straighteners which I have just bought recently and although fairly expensive at around £100 are worth every penny, as my first pair lasted for ten years. My newest styler runs so smoothly down the hair shaft to make my hair as sleek as I could possibly want. I have tried other brands but nothing compares. I think ghd are so well known now that you all probably know this all too well also. As well as the new ghd air, you can also look here to view ghd range.

When I decide on a day when I need my hair out of the way, those days when I'm busy and I don't want to be bothered with my hair, I will use a 'bun ring' or 'hair doughnut', to style my hair into a high ballerina bun. This is so easy to do. I have had mine for a good ten years or so and have only recently started to use it again when I had my hair cut. (I didn't have the need for one when my hair was long, my hair was volume enough). But this is the perfect cheat and provides me with the most perfect top-knot. My big tip to this style is VO5 Spray Gel. I have a lot of flyway ends and this colourless spray holds the neat style all day and night.

So that is my routine pretty much. I'm quite basic with my hair, I like to keep the same classic styles - one version up and one version down, preferring to let my clothes do the talking. It makes for getting ready in the mornings quite easy too. Here are some photographs taken over the last year or two... and if you have any hair care tips of your own, I would love to hear them!



Katiecakes said...

Oh, our hair sounds like very similar beasts :) Mine is naturally very straight but massive if left to its own devices! My life would cease without my daily dose of GHD!

Katie xox

Elizabeth said...

Hoorah! i love you for sharing this. I get so many flyway hairs too. And my hair is really long.
I am totally getting the doughnut thingie.
Thank you.x.

TG said...

thank you for sharing this! have a nice weekend!

Please may I? said...

Your hair always looks running, so healthy and shining. thats for sharing how you keep it like this. Mine is well over due for a trim but it will have wait a little longer!

X x

Dial V for Vintage said...

I really need a hair donut-thingie too, I have long hair but it's very thin so usually I don't have enough volume to make a big hairbun. I haven't seen it in the shops though...

Claudia Moser said...

Looking amazing!

Gawgus things... said...

Oh I am so with you on the frizzy hair cunundrum! I use the VO5 gel spray too - I've spent so much on hairsprays over the years which say they'll do the same thing but don't!! Kerastase products are amazing aren't they - you should try Kerastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche, gives you a good hair day every day! xxx

Chuck said...

You do have lovely hair so this is all good to know. x

❤Cate❤ said...

Thanks for sharing you always seem to have the sleekest shiniest hair, my hair is definitely overdue a treat xoxo

Helen said...

I have one of those bun ring things but when I had long hair it was impossible to use but now it's a bit shorter I should dig it out! I love wearing my hair in a big bun. I swear my denman brushes, I have grown up using them. Cheaper ones just don't compare.

janettaylor said...

WOW! Ur hair is always beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Alice said...

Your hair always looks so beautiful x

Vanessa said...

Eek! thanks so much for sharing your secrets! I'm a big fan of you and your hair ;)

prettylittlepinkthings said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I love the donut ring too but my hair is too long for it to work at the moment. :(

Lapindelune said...

Your hair ought to have it's own blog!
It's always good to share these things, for I think we all ponder how others maintain their locks, and there aren't enough resources online for a decent variety of hairtypes.
Glad to see another Kerastace convert, too! I also use the ciment thermique,(and most of the green coloured range) to combat my frizzies. Your hair is of such a different texture to mine that i could never hope to achieve such glossy goodness, but it is a treat to take a peek at your regime!

The doll on fashion said...

Your hair does always look lovely and shiney. I'm a fan of the bun ring - easiest way to create a bun by far!

The doll on fashion

kat said...

Ooh great post lovely to hear about your routine.
I love keratase too, and have some of the same products, I keep them for certain days too, rather than everyday use, as I do find the conditioner especially is expensive.
I like amazing grace conditioner by philosophy as an alternative.
Your hair is always beautiful
Luv kxx

Maria said...

Your hair always looks amazing, I am so jealous! I have very curly hair so I will never be able to get a sleek bob like you (which is something that really quite distresses me, haha!)

Maria xxx