Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Autumn Finally

This year feels as though I have been robbed somewhat of my favourite season. Autumn has always been my favourite time but this year it was delayed by a very unexpected late Indian summer. Hopefully the signs of autumn will last a little longer before winter sets in, despite many weather reports threatening early snow again. Each year, I look forward to an Autumn blog post - see here for last year and here for the year before.

I acquired the most perfect pieces to wear, that work so well with the vibrant carpet of leaves in my favourite local park. A mustard dress from label Love screams autumn to me, as does the colourful print on this tote bag from Fabric and Handle, lots of warm reds and rusts that looks like it was designed with autumn leaves in mind.













Lui Jo via Zalando jacket ~ Love mustard dress ~ Fabric & Handle Maryl tote bag ~ Tabio 110d black tights ~ Top Shop gold & black velvet belt (old) ~ H&M gold & black velvet wedge shoes (old) ~ Vintage smoky quartz ring ~ MAC lipstick in Morange


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

AH, Autumn - My most beloved season. I adore watching the leaves turn. To be amongst the crimson leaves of the season gives me such an inner peace. Love the blazer. You are always so nicely turned out. xo

Raffles Bizarre said...

That dress is such a pretty colour, matches your autumnal back drop. I really like your bag too, lovely pattern!

Monday Receptionist said...

Beautiful pictures & a gorgeous outfit x


Temporary:Secretary said...

Such a beautiful outfit, i love the longer blazer (i think the fashion people call it Boyfriend Blazer!) I'm still wearing my 3/4 length sleeves blazer and its getting too chilly for it!! x

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

I have to admit that I've really enjoyed our Indian Summer, but I know what you mean... This outfit looks lovely and the colours are absolutely perfect for Autumn. You look very elegant :-) xo

Fashionistable said...

I love the autumn too. But the Indian Summer was good too. You look wonderful as always. Beautiful autumn colours. Xxxx

Gawgus things... said...

Oh you, you, YOU!! So, so, so stunning - as always of course ;) You really do look amazing in these shots xxx

Mat said...

super elegant stuff, i feel much more comfortable in coats and jumpers now...phew

Elizabeth said...

Autumn makes everything looks so pretty. It is my favourite season too.


p.s. how do you get your fringe to look so perfect? it looks ace.

PinkBow said...

Pleased there are lots more autumn lovers than me!

Elizabeth - I'm not sure, it just seems to fall that way. But doesn't always behave!


Fab bag, and these shots are gorgeous. Your hair looks AMAZING here!

Constance said...

Omgg! Your hair!!! I love it!! Do you straighten it every day? Which products do you use to make it so shiny?


Myco said...


Sherin said...

I love Autumn too. Your outfit is perfect for the season. The dress is so pretty.
And I'm super in love with your bag.

Sher said...

Oh how beautiful! I love the combination of navy and mustard:)


Please may I? said...

Beautiful colour dress and a stunning bag too.

Your hair is looking fab, has it been cut? it always looks so healthy!

X x

Becky said...

Love the colour of the dress and the bag looks great with this outfit. I definitely prefer summer but am learning to love autumn too!

İpek said...

Loved the dress! looks really perfect with your blazer and shoes. I'm glad that autumn has come too, I never enjoyed the indian summer since it always shows up when I prepare myself for the lovely cold weather.

Very lovely x

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You looked like Jessie J :o Love your outfit anyway <3 x


Nikki said...

I am smitten by this look! how adorable is your dress? I'm still on the hunt the perfect mustard item, it's so hard to find! x

SabinePsynopsis said...

You wear the autumnal colours wonderfully, Paula. I was quite happy about the prolonged summer... but now fall definitely has arrived.


Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

You're lucky to have autumn there..there is nothing called autumn in India :( love the dress..u look lovely in it n ur lip colour..so hot!

Harriet said...

Ooh I love that bag!

I am definitely happy to see Autumn - I love being able to wear a nice warm coat and snuggle up under my blankets each evening with a hot water bottle!

nina-im-wunderland said...

really nice autumn look

DIANA DYE said...

I love autumn! The clothing the colors the vive! I love everything about these cold times… and darling I love love your style I haven’t left a comments in such a long time but that doesn’t mean I don’t follow your blog and utterly admire it:D I love your lipstick! So beautiful and your jet black hair makes me fall in love, I love dark hair maybe because my hair is dark – lovely post ♥

Natalie said...

Love that dress :-)

Autumn is probably my favourite season too, what with all the lovely colours and the crisp air. Plus, it's hard to fault a season where you're encouraged to wear comfortable, chunky knitwear!

Nat x

kat said...

Happy Autumn P
Hope it lasts a while yet anything to put off the cold of last winter!
Your lips look amazing hunni and that bag is beautiful
Course I love your outfit - you always put together such wonderful looks.
Mam's birthday today. Shame its grey outside but we shall have a nice day still - she is doing well on the crutches
Love & wishes
Kat xxx

mlynki w kuchni said...

What a beautiful lipstick!!!

Lapindelune said...

Exquisite simplicity, these are certainly the most luxurious of colours.....and i have only recently become a convert of mustard, and would love to add it to my wardrobe.
I have also been wondering about autumn, we seem to skip it, or at least visit only ever so briefly most years now, and I long for those seemingly endless autumnal days of the past.

I think we really need that breathing space, where we can wear knits and short jackets without having to dress for arctic conditions (last winter omg!), and this is what makes the season so precious, fashion-wise.

PinkBow said...

thanks for the hair comments!

constance - yes, straightened every day & very damaged as a result unfortunately. i don't use anything special - just an elvive shampoo which i change regularly & cheap coconut leave-in spray conditioner

please may i - cut to this length a while ago, due for another trim i think

kat - thank you, sorry i haven't been around much

lapinedelune - you have a way with words.