Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pentax ~ Roll 1

Photography-lovers may remember the purchase of my first film camera, the Pentax ME. I promised to show you the results and here they are. Although truth be told this is not the actual first roll, that tragically ended up in the bin due to a lack of understanding on how to release the film. Major disappointment. So disappointed in fact, that I had to put away the camera for several weeks before I could be bothered with it again.

I bought the camera on eBay and was a little worried that it would even be in full working order. But once I got these developed last week, they turned out better than I could have imagined. The colours are so vibrant, they look as though they have been edited but here they are in their natural state. I took random shots more to test the camera than anything else, and often I took the same shot with a few of my cameras to see the differences between them all on the same subject matter, with the same light and composition etc. The camera is manual, so a lot more time needs to be taken with the focus, this is definitely not a camera for quick shots. The majority of the roll turned out very well indeed, so next time I will spend a little more time on the subject matter.




1, 2, 3, 4 - Looking up at the beautiful architecture in Newcastle upon Tyne, England

5 - Some buys from my trip to The Lake District, England

8 - Gladioli flowers for my living room



9, 10, 11 - Keswick in The Lake District, England

12 - Bowl of raspberries

13 - KeepCup

14 - Pasta dinner
15, 16 - A jug of Pimms & lemonade and a jar of home-made lemonade

17 - Noodle salad lunch


18 - Saturday morning breakfast


Arianne said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, especially the architecture and the Pimms! I've been seeing ads for Pentax cameras all week, I think it's a sign! :))

Reflect and Fancy said...

great photos, well done!!

faye said...

Some lovely images. I have a diana f+ so I love traditional cameras.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

They've come out really nice! Great pics and the weather in Newcastle looks better than in London - who'd have thought ;-D

Maybe I need to get my Praktika - an old East German make - back out and play with some real film...

Have a great Sunday xo

stricksonne said...

i love your pictures!!! greetings from angie

❤Cate❤ said...

It's a great camera my dad has one and it's older than me so pretty much all my baby photos were taken with it!

We recently got it fixed as I took it to America and it didn't work (lots of photo ops missed) but thankfully it's all fixed now so I will get some use out of it xoxo

Marinka said...

those pictures are amazing I must say ^^ I love the softness of them..May I ask which film you used to take them ?

Becky said...

Love the blue skies in the first few photos!

PinkBow said...

thanks everyone!

marinka - i think they were taken using the free film that you get from jessops when you get film developed. so it was just their own brand at a 200 speed. i would usually choose a 400 speed but unfortunately this is not what they offer :-( not sure if you're in the uk and are familiar with jessops?

Harriet said...

They look lovely, what a great turn out!

It's such a shame about the first film but hopefully you're on a roll (haha!) with it now!

Wardrobe Block said...

Lovely photos, as always!

Maja Piraja said...

Oooh, these are absolutely lovely! I think maybe it is time for me to consider a film camera as well - although I think I should probably wait until spring, seeing as the sunlight will disappear quickly here up north :)

Colleen said...

These turned out great! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos with this camera. It makes me nostalgic for the good old days of film!

Candy Pop said...

I love love love the shoes!

Ruth May said...

Lovely photos, well done!
Film can be a little tricky, but it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. :D


-claireyfairy- said...

Love the photos :) it's amazing to look up above the shops in Newcastle and see the old buildings :) x

Lizzy Martin said...

These are lush! I are the Pura Lopez shoes! I am currently being drawn to film, there's something so traditional about them.

Jen said...

Gorgeous photography as always Paula... love the glads! x

Winnie said...

Oh my gosh. Your photography is always beautiful Pauala and this is no exception- the colours are so gorgeous and have quality that you only get with film cameras.

little henry lee said...

really beautiful photos! i love how they've turned out. :)

Maria Ana said...

These are really good! You've got an eye for it, no doubt!


janettaylor said...

beautiful picks!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Amazing pictures!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

These all turned out wonderfully well! I can't believe how blue the sky is in the first couple of shots.

nina-im-wunderland said...

i love love love the flower you bought for your living room, such a beautiful pink.

Natasha ♥ said...

such beautiful photos, I know what I'd like for my birthday now! xx