Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Girl in the Pink Coat

These are some more photographs taken outside of Rockliffe Hall that I posted about before. You can see from the outside more than the inside just how new and modern a hotel it is. As I said before, I much prefer old buildings in a dull stone than this bright brick. But the gardens were good for a quick walkabout and some ubiquitous blogger posing.

I've had this pink coat for quite a few years now. Like many of the pieces I end up turning to for years to come, it was bought at a time when I really did not need another coat, much less have the budget for it. I was *just passing through* Reiss when I spied this beautiful pink/lilac shade in just the right cool tone that I like, on sale. I tried it on and loved the simple cut, large covered buttons and bracelet sleeves. I did leave the shop empty handed but couldn't quite get it out of my head, so made necessary plans to make it happen... with the help of my fairy god-mother... aka mama!
















Reiss pink coat ~ Zara dress ~ Chanel handbag ~ Tabio 110d tights ~ Top Shop lilac shoes ~ Cartier watch (Photos of me by dad)


Becky said...

Beautiful coat, I love the colour, buttons and sleeves.

sacramento said...

I see you haven´t had you hair cut , yet.
Loving the place and you in it.
Everyone of your photos is a work of art.What camera do you use??
Is it a matter of a good camera or the editing???
You look fabulous in purple, blessed by Chanel bag.
have a grand Sunday my dear friend.

YUI said...

the color of your pictures are awesome!
great outfit! love your shoes <3

northwest is best said...

It certainly is a beautiful coat, and one that will last for years!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so beautiful. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

kate said...

so nice the coat, i like the color!
with the chanel's bag is perfect outfit ;-))


❤Cate❤ said...

Classy as always, I adore those shoes xoxo

Cloud of Secrets said...

The color is unusual for outerwear and so pretty on you, and I love the visible stitching. I agree -- if you can't get a garment out of your head, if you can think of multiple stylings for it for the years to come, and the cost can be managed -somehow-, go for it!

QuiteQuaint said...

The photos are lovely, it looks like a gorgeous place to walk around. I think the coat was definitely a worthwhile purchase! The colour looks great on you x

Hannah said...

good choice going back to get the coat because it is lovely. despite the red brick these places does look absolutely lovely, the garden are beautiful =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

mlle.A said...

The place is really beautiful! And I alove your coat!!

gee said...

that is such a lovely color on you.
you are beautiful. really you are. :)
have a wonderful upcoming week love.

Harriet said...

That coat is beautiful! It's certainly a *want* coat rather than a *need* coat, but that just makes it all the better!

Maria Ana said...

Beautifully cut coat! And colour!


Helen said...

That coat is gorgeous! Such a lovely colour.

Amy said...

You look so lovely and so does the location! Great photos! x

Pink Penguin said...

I love your coat so much! <3 You did the right thing by snapping it up. It's always the way that when you NEED a coat there are never any lovely ones to be found xxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Cute jacket, I love the buttons. I have a beautiful 2 piece 1960s dress suit that has almost identical ones. The always remind me of cake decorations!

Paris in Pink said...

Oooh this look is just lovely. What a perfect shade of lilac and you look so beautiful. As always, the detail shots are perfection!

Beautiful job :)

Hugs xx Camille @ Paris in Pink

Mat said...

it's standing the test of time then and clearly wasn't a trendy piece

bg said...

I really enjoy your blog. Inspiring. Who shoots the pictures of you? They're awesome. I love bows too. This is my line of

Clairejustine said...

Lovely coat and great pictures :)

classiq said...

Beautiful photos and lovely coat, such a nice color.

Dial V for Vintage said...

Lovely! That colour looks great on you :).

Leia said...

Your coat is absolutely gorgeous!

PinkBow said...

sacramento - thank you, a combination of both i suppose. i use a canon 1000d

dashfield vintage - they really do look like cake decorations!!

bg - my dad took the photos of me on this occasion, i took the others. sometimes i use a tripod & remote.

Sher said...

Oh, the pink coat looks amazing amongst the green!

And thank you so much for stepping in for my blog, Paula:)


cole said...

I love your blog, how gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
Check us out & follow @

Sherin said...

Definitely a perfect coat. I love the colour. It's so pretty and perfect for standing out amongst all the black coats you see.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Purple on my mind too...
You are blessed, by Chanel and otherwise. I wish I had your magical photo touch.
Are you far from London? I'll be there in mid-April and would love to meet... and why not shoot photos too.

MAUD said...

that coat is such a lovely colour on you!

Maria said...

That coat is absolutely gorgeous, I love the details like the buttons, they really make a difference in an outfit :)

Maria xxx

vint junky said...

Beautiful images. Love the cut and colour. Cool tones look so good on you said...

You look so so pretty in these photos! I adore them! And your lovely pink coat :)

Tashrin said...

You could not have chosen a more gorgeous color. The coat is beautiful!


Twitter - @ishrattrishna

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what camera do you use for these fascinating photos?