Monday, 10 January 2011

Reading Books

I don't tend to make New Year's Resolutions. However, a conscious aim I do have this year, is to read more books. When I was a schoolgirl, I never had a book out of my hand. I would walk to the library and be so excited by the armful of books I was carrying home, that I would start to read them right there, walking slowly down the street. I always wonder what the passing cars must have thought of me.

But with the digital age, books have been getting left behind in my life. My time seems to go into maintaining the blog. As well as other hobbies I suppose, like crochet, baking, eating out, cinema, travel...and many others. But I really want to find some good books that can really take me away, transport me to another world. And so, I would love to hear your suggestions, if you have any?

I work at a newspaper, twice a year there is a book sale where the books are sold for charity that have been sent in for review. They get sold at a ridiculous price of 50p or £1 for hardbacks, so I have built up quite a collection over the years I have worked there. Sometimes I will buy books that aren't necessarily what I would usually read...but for 50p it doesn't really matter!

So the top three in the photograph above are bought from the book sale and the bottom is the fantastic coffee table book that I received for Christmas. These reference books are often my favourite types of books, as I never tire of looking through the pages over and over, taking in as much detail as I possibly can. The Selby is such a visual photographer, there is always so much to look at in his photographs, so this is definitely a book I would recommend.

And especially this year, I would like to read books that will expand my mind. I have a particular fascination with Simone de Beavoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, so would like to read more from them. In fact, I found a very interesting interview today with de Beavoir. An interview which offers a brief glimpse into her world all those years ago, very much as our blogs give us today.


  1. I love reading books, but sometimes there isn't enough time, right?

    I also love big coffee-table books...I could spend so much money on just books! :) I'm a nerd, I know! :)

    I definitely need to check out that Wainwright book!


  2. You are going really deep with Jean-Paul Sartre to begin the year. I do not think I could at the moment.
    Best of luck.

  3. I love Rufus Wainwright and his music, and would love to read There Will Be Rainbows. I'm very excited that you have made a goal to read more books, as have I. In the age of digital media it is almost unheard of. But there are some really good classics out there. :]

  4. I definitely want to read more this year too, I need to make more use of our lovely library!

  5. Sartre is on my reading list as well!

  6. you should really try to read a.s. byatt's possession, it's brilliant!

  7. Dear PinkBow, I love de Beavoir&Sartre and if you haven't read yet here is my humble recommendation.


    *Simone de Beauvoir: the making of an intellectual woman By Toril Moi
    *Simone de Beauvoir: A Biography by Deirdre Bair

    By de Beauvoir:

    *The Second Sex
    *She Came to Stay
    *The Mandrins

    By Sartre:
    *The Age of Reason
    *The Wall..and many others

    Thank you for your lovely blog.

    Best wishes,


  8. Oh Paula, these books looks so interesting- I'd love to know what you think of the Wainwright one.

    I too want to read more this year, it's so hard to find time, but so worth it. x

  9. it's one of my resolutions as well,to read more books this year!!!:) the three ones u're going to start with i find as an excellent choice!;)

  10. Love The Selby! It can be so difficult to find time for reading, especially with a blog to take care of. I'm hoping to read a bit more than I did last year - there are a few books I've been meaning to read for a long time and I'm hoping to get some of them read before the year is over. At the moment I'm reading Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro, but others in my list include Lolita, the Virgin Suicides, The History of Love, Norwegian Wood and Revolutionary Road. I'm also hoping to find time to re-read a few of my favourite classics, like Jane Eyre and Persuasion. So many books, so little time!

  11. You've no doubt read it, but I can really understand why Animal Farm is a classic after reading it! It's so weird, I was just about to post my reading list and this post popped up on the blog feed! x

  12. You've no doubt read it, but I can really understand why Animal Farm is a classic after reading it! It's so weird, I was just about to post my reading list and this post popped up on the blog feed! x

  13. Yes! I'm going to try really hard to read more this year - books are not just for vacations! I love The Selby Is In Your Place - gorgeous!

    Lj x

  14. I had to read Sartre for one module last year and it was fascinating! I love reading other people's recommendations and would love to do a book shop if you (or anyone else!) were interested? You also can't go wrong with the Classics, every time I read the Aeneid or War and Peace, I discover something new :)

    Maria xxx

  15. Exciting....I love reading books. I started the year reading poetry. Pablo Neruda at the moment. Rumi is next. I really want to read the Mark Twain Autobiography as well.

  16. Oh, I work for a newspaper as well!

    I'm going to start reading "The Imperfectionists" by Tom Rachman. (it's about a fictional newspaper) -- I read a NYT review on it and can't wait to start! Going on vacation soon, and plan to devour it.

  17. I want to read more books, too! 'Life' sometimes gets in the way of reading, but when I was a schoolgirl I was the same as you. My mum would take me shopping and I would find a place to sit with a book and be content for hours!


  18. I love reading books. I try to take at least 20 mins out of my day to read, or manage to on the tube.
    Have fun reading!

  19. Reading books is something we all lack in. With a little ambition it's a much attainable aim. It's on my resolutions list as well.

  20. I totally agree! As much as I like reading blogs, and anything on the internet, nothing will ever beat a book so good thing you are starting to read again! :)

  21. great resolution! i stopeed rradin books and strated reading magazines but since my holiday in the summer last yr ive read about 10 books which is a lot for me! so gonna try and keep it up! :) xo

  22. I totally feel the same way, I hardly get time to read many books nowadays. I used to have a "reading chair" in my living room where I'd go as a kid to read but that's gone now, will have to get a new one for the new year! :)

  23. i want to read more this year. I've been recommended "the room" by emma donaghue to read, but I have yet to get the book from the library! I hope I helped! x

  24. Oh yes, blogging is quite the time suck! All the best with the reading girl x

  25. you can never read enough books :)
    fun story.. i accidently (long story) read simone de beavoir when I was 13/14, needless to say it went straight over my head.

  26. I remember apologizing to a tree as a child into which I had bumped reading a book while walking... you get the picture.
    I'm looking forward to hear what you think of Simone de Beauvoir. I found her devotion to Sartre always slightly shocking (not an equal couple at all!). A book I'd like to reread is Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook. xoxo

  27. I am still stuck on Silas Marner! To read more is one of my resolutions too. I have no excuse being surrounded by books all day in work! (Not that I have time to read in work, but it does make it more convenient to choose a book hehe)

  28. I love reading books but there isn't always time.... I would love to be able to buy books at those prices. We always buy books at fleemarkets, great prices and you can find books that are hard to find in stores.

  29. First, I need to tell you how obsessed I am with your blog. I just love it. I found it while looking for a knitting pattern for a circle scarf because of your post about the cowl you crocheted. Everything you post is SO pretty. I have a food blog and I really, really need to work on my photography. Anyway, I wanted to leave you some book recommendations. I have to second the mention of The Imperfectionists. I used to work at a newspaper and so enjoyed that book. If you are interested in Sartre, you may also want to read some Camus. I finished The Myth of Sisyphus recently and would recommend that for some serious thinking. But if you really want to be whisked away and get wrapped up in a story so much you can't put the book down, you've got to read the Hunger Games trilogy. It's absolutely captivating. Ta ta!

  30. I used to read a lot and I always like to have a stack of books beside my bed to dip in and out of but I'm yet to find a really good book after a recent read (called 'Nothing to Envy' about North Korea which was an AMAZING book! Highly reccomended!) so hoping I stumble across another good one soon!

  31. I adore the sensual art of reading.
    Reading encourages thought and knowledge of the world. Am currently reading "The Act of Love" by Jacobson. Have a sweet day and have fun reading;-)

  32. I read quite a lot, but I'm finding that I'm reading even more with my iPad - maybe cause its easier to carry than a massive hardback. That said, I'm not sure I would give up paper books.

  33. book books books books, I love 'em!
    Given you're tastes I have to tell you about the new CoCo Chanel biography by Justine Picardie. Absolutely fascinating, such a life.
    X x

  34. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE AMAZING RECOMMENDATIONS!!!! these will keep me going for quite a while.

    maria - if you check back, i did leave a comment on danni's post asking more info on the bookshop idea?

    and hello to new readers!! thanks for taking the time to comment!

  35. Not sure if it's already been mentioned but Room by Emma Donoghue is worth a read (based on cases such as the Josef Fritzl one where a women is kept prisoner). Also, Incendiary by Chris Cleave - amazing story, best book I read last year. The Other Hand by him is very moving too. xx

  36. Oh I love to read! I've just recently gotten rid of some old bookcases in my living room so I'm having a pretty tough time thinning my collection :(

    I love your magazine rack, it's so pretty!

    Katie xox

  37. As much as I love the internet and blogging I do miss my pre-webby days when there was so much more time for other hobbies and especially reading. I used to devour books back then! Some of my current favourite reads are by paulo coelho, milan kundera, and mikhail bulgakov
    ps. You've inspired me to turn off my pc and go to bed with my book ;)

  38. I made the exact same new year resolution, to read more. It's really embaressing to admit this but I haven't read anything for a year now. I'm always busy reading online....not good.


  39. You love books and want to read more this year...hmmm. Then you need to join the Bloggerista Book Club I just made! :)



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