Sunday, 9 January 2011

In My (Make-up) Bag

Lately, I've had a few emails regarding the make-up I use, so I thought it was time for a long overdue delve into my make-up bag. This is just the make-up I take out with me each day for touch-ups and is probably only a small selection of my full collection. See below for links to most of the products.









I found this in the sale section of John Lewis and bought it as it reminded me of Bottega Veneta at a huge fraction of the cost

I've pretty much tried each and every one of the MAC foundations. They're all good, I stick with this brand purely for the huge range of shades they offer. Having pale skin, means it is very difficult to find an exact shade to match. This is my current favourite and is portable too

I was previously using the Chanel Automatic Liquid Eye-liner for a long time but decided to try something new. I like them both but I would say this stays on longer due to the thicker consistency but definitely needs more skill in the application

I use this through the day for the Fluidline instead of my usual brush as it is cleaner for my make-up bag

I have used this for so many years, I can't remember. As a highlighter, it takes away the pale harshness of a totally powdered face and adds a little depth

This is a fairly recent buy and I am definitely impressed enough to continue with it

My current favourite, I have many red lipsticks but this is definitely the best so far

So pretty and multi-purposeful, I discovered this many years ago when I visited a little-known apothecary in Haworth (Yorkshire, England), now they are stocked in Boots the Chemist

I am one who has a 'wardrobe' of perfumes but this is a scent I continue to return to and if I had to choose a scent as my signature it would be this, as I have been wearing it for so many years. Handy to have in solid format too for handbag touch-ups

I have been wearing a cheek tint, again for many years. It seems to be the only type of blusher that is natural enough to suit my pale skin. I was quite devastated when NARS discontinued their version and Benetint isn't a strong enough colour for me. I was delighted to find this very inexpensive version and I tend to stock up on many bottles at a time in fear of them discontinuing too!

This is very old, I'm not sure they even stock them anymore. But this is the perfect size to fit into my make-up bag and is a must for me as I can't bear to have tangled hair, so need to comb it a few times throughout the day

I stocked up on these the last time I was in New York, although I know you can get them all over now. Always handy to have for hair emergencies


Rachel said...

I LOVE makeup bag posts! And that hand salve is absolutely magical!

I've never tried solid perfume before though...

sacramento said...

Thank you for sharing these magnificent photos of your make up products.

Lauren said...

Hells, you have some lush products in there Paula.

Nic's Notebook said...

Great post - I think I will try that cheek tint, powder blusher always looks too harsh on me no matter how little I put on!

Little Lj said...

I swear by Rose & Co salve!! I discovered it in America I had noo idea they stocked in the UK now! Brilliant.

Lj x

Hannah said...

Your make up is so gorgeous! I like how your chic collection represents your chic life =)

Hannah xx

LadyA said...

My dear, you are so inspiring!
Nice choice,
like your make up storrage:)

Lets_go_find_a_Rain_beau! said...

Lovely! You should do more posts about your Make-Up. It always looks so pretty. I need to check out that Lipstick! :)

I really like MAC's Cyndi!


YUI said...

i love your make up kits!
thanks for the post! :D

Harriet said...

Oooh, I love posts like this! Recently I've got properly interested in makeup for the first time, and I'm really interested in what other people wear on a daily basis. This an especially good post because finding makeup for pale skin is seemingly impossible, so thansk for the tips on that front!

Shopgirl said...

Love to find out what other people use. I've been tempted for ages to get the MAC eyeliner gel pot. Your make up all looks so neat and well looked after - mine is such a mess and all chucked into a tatty old bag! Oops!

Jules said...

i LOVE your make-up kit - I may have to try that lip salve!

Cloud of Secrets said...

A tasteful and enviable selection. I love how the results are beautiful (your daily look), and that the items make a pretty, dark, unified bouquet in themselves.

Becky said...

Beautiful post, I love your make-up bag.

Elodie said...

Ah I love this kind of post, especially when the content of the make up back is that great! :

❤Cate❤ said...

I'd love to know how you do your makeup to. Makeup is something I want to try experimenting with more and I'#ve been trying to be more bolder with it lately.

I love the idea of solid perfume, I don't see a lot of it around but it's definitely something I would love to get xoxo

Julia Luckett said...

Very elegant lovely lady. I see you have only the best and most beautiful products. Sorry I have commented much, but I've still been keeping up with your great blog.

Keep smiling,

vint junky said...

Enviable collection (agreed on the inimitable mascara) but even more enviable photos, so simple and clean. Gorgeous!

daisychain said...

Your makeup is so chic, mine is such a random mismatch!

WeShop said...

I love Chanel make-up - the packaging is so iconic. Must try the cheek tint you've recommended. xx

Helen said...

Where is the Me Me Me tint from? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before but can't remember! Is it superdrug?

Ellinor Forje said...

I like what you have in your makeup bag. But I'm loving the macarons post below. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


Jen said...

I devoured this post with joy - your makeup always looks so stunning and you have a similar skin tone to me (from what I can tell), so I'm really interested in all your products. I'll definitely be trying a few!

There's a Rose & Co shop in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds - such a stunning place. x

vintagereflection said...

Your make up selection is oh so pretty! I wish I had the money to buy pretty make up again, mines now a mix of high end with cheap end! Yet again great photos xx

janettaylor said...

Gorg, especially that comb!


Vicki said...

your make up is in such good condition! mine is all grubby and embarrassing! lol.. love learning what products people love :) x

gee said...

i have pale skin too.
its not that easy to match my skin most of the time i just dont wear anything.
(plus, i have senstive skin..ugh.)
but i love this post..
and you always look beautiful in your post.
you make makeup product pictures beautiful! <3

Fayoona said...

that mac eyeliner is great, it does last for ages. sometimes too long (i used it once at a festival and it didn't come off for a while as the wipes i had were terrible).
x fi

Winnie said...

Gosh even your make up is immaculate! You have such lovely things. I really want to get myself a solid perfume, I think they're really useful and they look super pretty!

Anonymous said...

That rose salve is so lovely, i have loads left in mine and use it several times a day.

Thanks for the nice post,
PLEASE do a perfume collection post?????

Thankyou :)xx

Jaclyn said...

I love the Mac blacktrack product! I use it all the time for my eyeliner. Great photos of your products, they all look so chic and clean.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a lovely peek inside your makeup bag!

PinkBow said...

rachel - i would def recommend the solid perfume

little lj - it's a british brand, originated in yorkshire i believe!

julia - thank you, i am equally as bad :-)

harriet, gee, jen - it's good to see others with pale skin

anon - you may like to check on this - - but perhaps another is imminent soon!

Krystle said...

I use MAC's liquid liner as well and i LOVE it!!

superqueen said...

Just a curiosity: is the lip salve tinted? And what about its scent?

styleevictim said...

nice post, nice blog :)

take a look and maybe follow me

PinkBow said...

superqueen - the lip salve does not have a tint but is very fragranced with rose

honestlybec said...

Very chic! xx

Sweet and Bitter said...

same pinch for MAC fluidline in is really a very nice choice :)
stays long and intense color