Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Black Bun & Bow

Banana Republic silver & black bow top

Today has been unbearably humid. Unfortunately, here in the north we have not had the glorious sunshine that the south of the country are enjoying, just this horrible stickiness. My hair in particular is not coping very well. I have hair that absolutely hates humid conditions, so these last few days I am having to come up with some alternative hair ideas instead of leaving it loose as I usually do. I used a donut ring as the base for this bun style - my hair is not usually this big!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Overseas Package

This morning, a lovely package arrived for me from Singapore. I buy things from Etsy a lot, usually originating from the US. I think this is the furthest away from which I have ever received anything. There is something so lovely and old-fashioned to receiving a package or letter through the post. As much as I love the fast pace of technology, I'm definitely a traditional and old-fashioned girl at heart.

This adorable pink vintage dress (yes, another!) I found through flickr and bought from this site. I love looking through this girl's photographs, everything so feminine and girly - just what I like! The dress is a perfect fit, I fell in love it immediately when I first saw it - thank you so much Karyn!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Designer Collaboration - Elspeth Gibson

Another designer collaboration, this time interiors over fashion. Now I wouldn't necessarily expect to buy anything particularly exciting in Tesco. However, I discovered this delightful blossom  range from Elspeth Gibson at the weekend, so had to make a return visit this evening. I was always a fan of of Elspeth Gibson's romantic, feminine and dreamy style of clothing - although I was never lucky enough to own any.

As you can see, I bought the two cake tins and then proceeded to fill them with sweet treats - I have spoken before about my sweet tooth. I was a little dismayed to find a lot of the range on a half price offer - dismayed because I am fully stocked in my flat when it comes to tea pots, cups, saucers and the like. What a shame, I could quite easily have bought the whole range. So so pretty and so so affordable.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pink Lover

Pink vintage dress ❖ Top Shop canvass t-bar flats

Today's outfit was inspired by my visit to Jesmond Dene at the weekend. It is only about 10 minutes from where I live, yet I sometimes forget that despite living so close to the city centre, the country, woods and coast are so close to me and I really don't take advantage often enough. The Dene was littered with these beautiful flowers in the prettiest shade of pink. It reminded me of this pastel pink vintage dress I bought last year that I rarely get the chance to wear. The weather was so glorious today that I finally found my opportunity.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Designer Collaboration - Roksanda Illincic

Some very exciting news arrived in my inbox from vogue.com. Roksanda Illincic will collaborate with high street chain Whistles for Autumn/Winter 2009. The capsule collection of 7 cocktail dresses will hit selected stores early September priced around £175-£300. Still at the higher end of high street and not at an H&M "collaboration" price, it still gives us the opportunity to buy into a piece of this excellent designer's work at a price I personally would not be able to usually afford.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Father's Day

It seems only fitting to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day following on from a previous post.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Soundtrack

I was tagged last weekend by the delightful Cupcake Diary to list my personal playlist. This of course needed to be given a lot of thought - this is a topic my friends and I often engage in and I have to say we find it difficult to choose our top songs. Certainly having an ipod helps as the music has been collected over a period of time.

So, on with the list. I have chosen to list my Top 10 by picking out those tunes on my ipod that appeal to me right now, whether it be down to the mood of today or from memories past...

Depeche Mode - It's No Good
Patiently awaiting the announcement of their rescheduled gig that was postponed recetly due to the lead singer's ill health, this band is still top of my list. Although a fairly recent convert to DM within the last three years, I have collected everything they have done and never tire of listening to them. As one of my favourite songs of theirs, it represents perfectly the great industrial and electronic sound that is pure DM.

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
Continuing in the electro vibe I so love, this is a great Ladytron anthem. I managed to see them live last year and although the sound system wasn't so great in the club they were playing, I hoped throughout the show that this would be the final tune and I wasn't disappointed.

Joaquin Rodrigo - En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
I have loved this piece of music for many years after hearing it randomly on the radio. It then appeared in brass format in the British film "Brassed Off". The version I have is from the Cafe del Mar Classics III cd and it really does take you straight to an Ibiza sunset, complete with Spanish guitar.

T-Empo featuring Juliet Roberts - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 
(dance version of the Thelma Houston original)
I was so into the British dance music culture in the early 90's and this takes me right back to dancing in a club at 6am with sunlight streaming through the nightclub window.

Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story
The first track from their new album, this fabulous trio make me think of lazy summer days. I can't stop listening to this right now.

Justice - Phantom Pt II
Just one of my favourite feel-good tracks, it doesn't fail to put me in a good mood.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Pure genius, despite all the other stuff.

Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Another favourite of mine, this song embodies the Air style, all of their music is so calming to listen to and they remain one of my top band's.

The Presets - This Boy's Love
I simply love this song. I saw the band on tv's coverage of V Festival last year and hunted down the cd, which I think is amazing from start to finish. This song in particular, I find quite haunting.

The Smiths - Sheila Take A Bow
This band was the band from my teenage years and reminds me very much of my best friend at the time, we listened to them constantly. A big believer in fate, I took some of their lyrics from another song Panic - "Dublin, Dundee, Humberside" as the starting point of my application and subsequent attendance to the University of Humberside. Whenever I have big decisions to make, I often look to insignificant "signs" like these to help me decide!

So, you can probably see why it took me a little while to compile this list but I did enjoy taking the trip down memory lane.

I now tag (if they would like to of course):

Friday, 19 June 2009

Woodland Creatures

Today a little parcel arrived from Etsy containing this sweet little mother and baby unicorn... perfect to accompany old fawn and owl woodland friends. 

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Double Vision

No sooner had I spoken the words 'black' and 'beige' when I was immediately drawn to these blouses. I called into H&M after having my haircut this evening, to follow up on possibilities I had missed out on Saturday. I had seen these previously but their new sale price drew me in to buy both colours.

I do find that when I find something I really like I will buy it in a few colours. I really like the fit and style of these tops and of course the colours are right on trend for me just now. Not stopping there, I then picked up a couple of bow hairbands on my way to the cash desk - why stop at one when you can have two?

Beige & black tops and blue & pink hairbands all H&M 

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Black & Beige

Just a very quick post tonight, an image I found via here. I love the beige and black combination - also mentioned here before. I definitely have a thing for this colour combo and yet I don't have any - I need to change this fast!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Draped Seafoam

H&M seafoam draped jersey top ❖ skinny black trousers ❖ M&S Limited ollection green rose shoes ❖ black pearl necklace & bracelet

On Saturday, I went into town with my dad with the intention of choosing a Father's Day gift for him. Although that mission was accomplished, it was difficult to walk past H&M without having  a quick pop in for myself. I decided that dad's don't do "browsing" very well but instead just stand around looking very uncomfortable and extremely bored.

I have never shopped so fast in my life, my eye racing around the shop floor. Isn't it always the case that you see so may attractive prospects when you either don't have the money or the time? 

This top was one item that caught my eye on the sale rack, a huge bat-wing draped jersey top in a beautiful seafoam shade, definitely one of my favourite colours for the summer. At only £5, I grabbed it quick without trying it on, thankfully it was as I had hoped.

I also spotted a few other items which I will have to call back to for a proper untimed try-on in the very near future.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Casual Weekend

Illustrated People for Top Shop blue jersey top ❖ Top Shop blue suede bag ❖ La Redoute Harem pants ❖ French Sole leopard ballet pumps

Friday, 12 June 2009

La Vie En Rose

The onset of summer, my thoughts turn to flowers and I notice how many flower adorned items I have... 

Top Shop (Chanel inspired) camelia brooch ❖ Zara pleated dress

Top Shop pink rose collared jersey top

Accessorize green flower ring ❖ M&S Limited Collection rose shoes

Selection of crystals in flower adorned box

Etsy vintage hand painted flower brooch

Prada shoes ❖ Sia black rose

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gateshead Revisited

I received this through the post today from the Baltic in Gateshead and really liked the play on words it presented. Working in advertising myself, I can fully admire an established brand, however old, such as Penguin books and how it can be adjusted to fit in with the modern aesthetic of the Baltic.

BALTIC presents an exhibition of new works by British artist and writer Harland Miller. The Bad Weather paintings, based on the dust jackets of old Penguin books wistfully comment on the culture of North East England where Miller grew up.

In addition, during the exhibition the north face of BALTIC plays host to the large-scale banner of the painting Gateshead Revisited.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In My Bag

Inspired again by The Cherry Blossom Girl, I too had been planning an In My Bag post for a little while, the What's In Your Bag pool on Flickr being a regular favourite of mine.

I know these posts often do the rounds, it is interesting to see into aspects of others' lives, however small, that's why we all read blogs I guess.

I see this being a regular feature on here. As a complete bag addict, I change my bag and it's contents often. Here is what today's offering brings...

Luella bag ❖ Metro card in Paperchase cover ❖ Ipod Classic with Panasonic headphones (to block out the Metro noises) ❖ MiuMiu wallet ❖ BlackBerry ❖ pink M&S coin purse ❖ Extra gum ❖ crystals (to soothe on the move) ❖ MAC Limited Edition powder compact ❖ MAC lip gloss (pink poodle) ❖ Carmex lip balm ❖ mini tape measure (for Ebay bidding on-the-go) ❖ Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses ❖ house & car keys (with heart Asprey key-rings free with Harpers magazine) ❖ 2 Moleskines ❖ Paperchase pencil case including lots of pens from Muji, Paperchase, Sharpie & Cross