Thursday, 3 December 2009

Little Pink Bows

The Jewellery Gods must be looking down on me at the moment. A few weeks ago I received an email from Liz at E-llustrious Creations asking me if I would like a pair of ear-rings sending from her range. These are the style she sent me... perfect little Pink Bows. Thank you so much Liz!


  1. perfect little bow earrings! how adorble!

  2. Ah I love how soft the photos are :)

  3. I love these. I want you to take my pictures for me!

  4. hi hi ... puala .. thank you for the lovely email - i am adding you right now!!!

    this is just such such beautiful post! so moody, romantic just dreamy!!! i shared this post on UnoCosa's FB:

    have a beautiful day, xx

  5. Oh how sweet!! They go perfectly on you.

  6. Oh. Those are gorgeous!

    By the way: I tagged you. Please bear with me and have look.

    Love, Dotti

  7. Gorgeous little bows and another stunning set of photos too!

    Polly x

  8. So delicate, they are so pretty and so you!

  9. They are so pretty! I love how you photographed them, too!

  10. I wish I could send you some nice jewelry gifts, but since my bows would have to be in rose gold and pink sapphires, we'll have to wait till I win the lottery. Then I will give gifts to all my blog friends!

  11. Awww super cute earrings you are so lucky ! :D Have a nice day dear !

  12. Lovely earrings!

    When will you do your blog post about your *Beauty tricks* (hair, makeup..?)
    I can't wait!

    Have an awesome weekend my dear!

  13. Those are perfect for you! Very pretty, looks great with your haircolour!

    Have a lovely & relaxing weekend.


  14. Adorable! Love them.

    PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up! :)

  15. They look so lovely against your hair!

  16. thank you all

    unocosa - thanks you so much for this!

    dotti - thanks for the tag, i will get around to it soon i promise!

    wendyb - whenever you win the lottery, i will take one of each of your pieces ;)

    valentine - some is a plan!

    cc - i think i was too late :(


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