Friday, 4 December 2009

In My Bag²

Gucci monogram bowling bag ❖ Miu Miu wallet ❖ MAC make-up bag ❖ Tweezerman emery board in purple case ❖ pill box ❖ Paperchase metro card holder ❖ Airwaves gum ❖ BlackBerry curve ❖ Diptyque Philosykos solid perfume ❖ MOR lip balm

It's been a little while since I did my last In My Bag post, so upon discovering this forgotten bag I though it time for another. This is quite an old bag, maybe from five or six years ago but I believe you can still buy it, it's in the Gucci classic range I think. As a bag addict, I dread to think how many bags I actually own, so this little feature is a perfect way of remembering them and putting them again to good use. Check here for other posts.

On a side note, thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments in my last few posts. I have had quite a busy week, so have had scheduled posts to keep things moving on the blog. I'm really looking forward to the weekend when I can relax and catch up on all of my favourite blogs and get back to my regular commenting too.


  1. Is that lipbalm good? I have bought it but haven't had time to try it jet...

  2. Lovely photos as ever. I like your Miu Miu wallet and the lip balm is so pretty I want to try it for that reason alone!

  3. These pictures are beautiful. I love your Gucci bag.

  4. you always have the sweetest little things in your bag!

  5. Wow, gorgeous bag! The pictures are stunning too, you should do a tutorial on how you manage to get them to turn out so beautifully!

  6. I love all your things. Great bag!

  7. I always love these posts. I guess I'm just curious to see what other girls carry around! :)

    Your Miu Miu wallet is wonderful!


  8. what a stunning bag!
    I love it!!!

  9. Love this feature! The lipbalm and solid perfume look so adorable! I love carrying around mini-versions of items. Hope you're having a lovely relaxing weekend!

  10. Your bag is so clean inside! Where are the old taxi receipts and crumpled Kleenex?

  11. I adore these posts! I did one about 6 months ago -

    Might be time for another!

    Great post, as always! x

  12. kashaya - it's really nice. i must admit i did buy it for the packaging

    rosie - all down to my camera i think!

    wendyb - i'm far too tidy for my own good, i change bags so often, i'm always having a clean out

    favourite thing - going to check it out right now!


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