Monday, 12 October 2009

You, Your Shoes & 72

After receiving an email a little while ago from Jimmy Choo publicity, I fully intended to get my thinking cap on and enter this fashion/photography competition. But time being as it is at the minute (non existent), inspiration did not come to me. So instead, I decided to share it with you in the hope that inspiration may hit you in time for the 26th October deadline.

The competition launched by Jimmy Choo and Elton John is to support Project PEP, a charity collection that donates 25% of sales to the Simela Rape Centre in South Africa. There will be a celebrity launch exhibition in Selfridges London on 29th October, where Tamara Melon will unveil the 'PEP-Up Shop' and display some of the selected photo entries.

The final winners will be announced after the competition closes on 7th December - prizes include a Grand Prize of 7 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes and 2 handbags, plus over 100 exclusive Jimmy Choo prizes. Click here to head on over to the competition site and look at the great entries already submitted. 


  1. wow...sounds interesting ^.^

  2. if i had the props and the cash, i've always wanted to do something around the old hillbilly-style shoes thrown over the telephone wires, like in old seventies road movies. would be difficult to capture though.

  3. Really hope that you manage to find time to enter. I'll be checking out the site to see the entries so far.

    I was meaning to message you earlier but I've been out at the theatre tonight. I've posted your lovely pictures up and I see you've already spotted them - they look so perfect with all the other images in the collage. Thank you so much for letting me use them

    Polly x

  4. It's a great idea for a competition and a good cause, but I am really not creative in that respect. I definitely think you should enter though... you do take the loveliest most creative pics!

  5. The competition sounds great. I'll have a look in a minute... Anyway hope your creativity comes back soon so that you can submit something.

  6. I love your new header!
    absolutly beautiful <3

  7. e - that is such a good idea, so creative - you should enter!


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