Sunday, 9 August 2009

September Issue

As someone who used to buy upwards of five magazines a month, I now do not buy any apart from the bi-annual Lula. Working in newspapers as well as digitally, I am still a traditionalist at heart, much preferring the hard copy of a newspaper or magazine. But as much as I love magazines, I find I no longer have the time to read them all in the detail that justifies the cost and my magazine time is now devoted to blogging. I find it a shame that the internet is slowly starting to take over the world of publishing even though I, as are many of my generation, pretty much addicted to the internet. The readership figures of magazines and newspapers are sadly a reflection of this.

However, the September issue of Vogue is a definite must buy. Thinking back to my first ever edition of Vogue featuring Isabella Rossillini on the cover, I was amazed by the size of the magazine. I can't even remember how old I was, still a teenager and pretty excited that I was spending so much money on a magazine. I remember feeling it very justifiable by the sheer size of it and spent hours pouring and dreaming over the pages.

Seeing recently the trailer for The September Issue film - another must-see film that I am hoping will appear in my local independent cinema - I decided that I must purchase this edition of Vogue immediately. I looked for the US edition too but it looks as though it is not available in the UK just yet. These magazines will definitely get me in the mood for the film which is due for US release on 28th August and wide release 11th September.

The issue did not disappoint, with lots of eye-catching editorials, advertisements, beauty features, articles etc. Here's a selection of pages that caught my eye. A very interesting report on The Sartorialist, some fabulous eyelashes featured on the Chanel runway as well as lots of clothes and accessories to die for.


  1. I'll take any Vogue other than US Vogue! The editorials have definitely love their luster... and the articles... let's just not speak of them. :(

  2. I look forward to our September issue to come out. Soon, hopefully!

    PinkBow, have you seen Lula yet? I've been stalking Borders on a weekly basis since June and no such luck yet.

  3. I think I shall be picking this up on my errand run today!
    And I'd love to buy Lula, but the $50 price tag makes me blanche slightly, especially for only 2 a year...
    And I know what you mean about the internet taking over publishing. I used to be a magazine-whore as well, but now my magazines are only Allure and Seventeen (bc when I made my subscription at 13, I made it for like a billion years!) and Teen Vogue. I think the thing with blogging is that a) You don't have to worry about your hated celebrity taking hold of it and knowing you paid for that, b) fashion events are covered right then and there, not a month later, and c) it's free!
    But I have to say I will never buy a kindle or e-book so long as I live. The idea of NOT reading a book in person is terrible.

  4. Can't wait for the new Lula issue which, hopefully, should be on the racks next month as the last issue came out on March...

  5. I'm headed to buy it now, if I can find it!

  6. Wow, you got it so quickly! British vogue is my all time favorite magazine, I get it by mail every month.. my september issue will only come in a couple weeks though :( you've made me all excited!

  7. I want to see 'the september issue'... it sounds really exciting

  8. I liked a lot what I saw in that Vogue, looks wonderful :)! Thanks for your lovely comment <3

  9. can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this puppy!

  10. I can't wait to see the documentary either. I know it's definitely coming to one of the bigger cinemas in Birmingham so am excited!

    I don't buy many magazines anymore. I used to buy iD and Dazed religiously but have resorted to just buying pretty imported Japanese mags. Having seen your photos of the latest Vogue...maybe I should make an exception!

  11. i agree, i used to buy tons of magazines now i don't. i just buy teen vogue each month and sometimes vogue. it's jsut too expensive and i never have to time to read them cover to cover.

  12. did I ever own a whackload of them.
    I used to move around alot and I would literally move with 4 boxes packed with old magazines, (just couldn't part with them)

    I haven't bought a magazine in a while (for the same reasons as everyone else) But I want to get my hands on that September issue. It looks amazing.

  13. The only magazine i read these days is Frankie...all the others don't interest me anymore. Though i am quite intrigued by Lula, i may pick one up next time i'm at the newsagency.
    The September issue is definitely a must watch!

  14. I can't wait to get that issue! The movie is also a must-see! I don't subscribe to any magazine but I do buy the anniverary issue or if the editorials feature my favorite model! xxoxoxo

  15. The trailer looks great doesn't it!???
    It's so like The Devil Wears Prada!!!

    Oh and darling, I commented you about Diamond in the Rough before (the blog that promotes smaller blogs which are recommended by fellow bloggers) so I'm just letting you know it was officially launched today!

    I'd really appreciate if you could show some support!

  16. Will definitely buy this! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I love great fashion inspiration! Hope you have a lovely Monday! XO!

  17. It's so funny that you posted this, because I rarely buy magazines anymore, apart from Elle UK, but this time around I bought both Elle and Vogue for the first time in a long while. I've only leafed through it quickly, but something about the cover and the heft of the issue (I know most of it are ads) made me get it. I get tons of magazines at work, but like you, don't find much time to read through them all.

  18. I will definitely be buying this! I got last months and was pretty impressed. It was the first one I have bought in many many years. Seeing those pages makes me want to dash to the nearest petrol station now!

    I must organise myself about getting the new Lula. I've seen and read so much about it but can you buy it in shops? I thought you had to subscribe? If you know I'd be grateful for the info! Polly x

  19. i just picked it up today!
    lets see.. im at budgens..
    .. um.. i need... salad..
    some fish pies for supper
    and VOGUE.
    yes.. that makes the
    whole trip worth it :)

    wouldnt it be cool
    to have a vogue shop
    that you got to walk
    into every month to
    buy your vogue..?
    and it looked just
    like a forest editorial
    with sequins and
    feathers strewn about...
    budgens just doesnt have that feel. ha ha ha


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