Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Owl and the...

Yesterday, I went to the flea-market in Tynemouth and these were my finds. It has been on the local news recently that the market is in risk of closing down. The Metro station where it is held were considering the options of renewing the license. But we got chatting to one of the stall-holders and it is just being taken over by new ownership. Phew! There are such few options like this in the North East, that to close this down would be a travesty.


  1. I love the Matryoshka doll, I'm always on the look out for these.
    I think that it's so strange how although we're in the midst of a raving recession, places that you would have thought would be thriving like markets, boot sales & even charity shops are closing down, perplexing to say the least & indeed a travesty!

  2. i love them too, my 3rd, the start of a little collection i think! yeah, it is bizarre. the recession has forced me into being more resourceful, yet not for others it seems.

  3. :O What beautiful finds! I wish there were some proper flea markets near me. I am so mesmerised by that frame and painting. And the dolls are so stunning :)

  4. What pretty finds :) I love little trinkets!

    La C.

  5. love the owl! it looks like an angry teeny tiny owl haha

  6. The economy is looking up, so hopefully the store will be saved! These are great finds, Im jealous!

  7. Glad you were able to get these, but the flea market closing is such sad news.

  8. No way, how can a market with all these treasures risk being closed down? Your finds are completely gorgeous.

    My Kokeshi doll was a present from my friends for my 21st. I love it!

  9. yep, i was happy with these, even though sometimes you go and there is nothing.
    dk - this is the only one near me, so i was worried it was at risk of closing down.
    adrienne - ha! yes he does look angry!
    lac/jessica/healthy host/puglyfeet - thank you
    winnie - i definitely need to get one, very cute!


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