Monday, 1 June 2009

London Shopping

I had a great time in London, thanks so much for your comments in my last post, they really made me smile. I didn't get the opportunity to take too many photographs of the places we visited but I have lots to show you of my purchases...

Top Shop pink tutu style dress

Jovonna London at Top Shop pink & mesh blouse

Rokit vintage striped dress

Rare at Top Shop navy & white dress 

Ilustrated People at Top Shop I ♡ U jersey top

Top Shop blue & pink suede bags

Laduree at Harrods macaroons

The hotel was beautiful and just across the road from the nightclub I mentioned - it was as pretentious if not more so than was suggested in their email to me confirming the guest-list, it was so up it's own bottom it wasn't even funny! 

Most of Saturday was spent in Oxford Street, a little bit predictable I know, but the opportunity of hours to spend in the haven that is Top Shop is not to be missed. We have no where near the amount of choice in our Top Shop store as they do in this one.

On Sunday we visited Brick Lane... not as nice a market as Portobello but I'm glad I experienced it and the vintage shops around there were really great. The weather ended up making the weekend, it was lovely just browsing around new areas and eating lovely food. 


  1. Glad you had a nice time in London! Love the first dress! I was looking at it online just yesterday and wondering about the's a lot above the knee? Cause I'm a bit obsessed with dresses lenght and I usually get only the ones that provide a nice knee coverage...!

  2. thank you! it is quite short, mid-thigh i would say. i'm only 5'5 and it definitely doesn't cover my knees, black tights will be in order for me. it is nice though.

  3. You got all that great loot!? Amazing. Love the macarons, of course...

  4. i did good! i was thinking of your comment too as i was going into the club, you & i are definitely on the same wave-length!

  5. Glad you had a great time in London. I wonder if those macacrons are just as nice as the ones from Paris?

    Looks like you were very busy spending money...Brick lane is so fab for vintage but can be a little pricey!

  6. yes, the macaroons are equally as nice! i once bought a huge box from the champs elysees shop & ate every single one myself!
    i love going into vintage shops but you are right, so expensive. i don't even bother to look at the vintage range in top shop, it is ridiculous.
    when you know what price you can get them for on ebay or etsy even, it is not worth paying their prices. the dress i got from rokit was £20, which i didn't think was too bad, as i usually pay to have them shortened anyway

  7. sounds like a beautiful time. love your pics so much. thanks for stopping by and the note, too.

  8. I envy you. These are all great!

  9. I love the white and pink top...I would totally wear that and dine in Laduree, tres chic!

  10. I do so love the tutu dress. You've got to style that one. I love the black and white, too.

  11. outfit pics will follow... :)


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