Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In My Bag

Inspired again by The Cherry Blossom Girl, I too had been planning an In My Bag post for a little while, the What's In Your Bag pool on Flickr being a regular favourite of mine.

I know these posts often do the rounds, it is interesting to see into aspects of others' lives, however small, that's why we all read blogs I guess.

I see this being a regular feature on here. As a complete bag addict, I change my bag and it's contents often. Here is what today's offering brings...

Luella bag ❖ Metro card in Paperchase cover ❖ Ipod Classic with Panasonic headphones (to block out the Metro noises) ❖ MiuMiu wallet ❖ BlackBerry ❖ pink M&S coin purse ❖ Extra gum ❖ crystals (to soothe on the move) ❖ MAC Limited Edition powder compact ❖ MAC lip gloss (pink poodle) ❖ Carmex lip balm ❖ mini tape measure (for Ebay bidding on-the-go) ❖ Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses ❖ house & car keys (with heart Asprey key-rings free with Harpers magazine) ❖ 2 Moleskines ❖ Paperchase pencil case including lots of pens from Muji, Paperchase, Sharpie & Cross


  1. I am always annoyed I missed out on getting one of those mac compacts whenever I see them pictured (total sucker for packaging)

  2. I love looking at the contents of people's bags! I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a while now.

  3. love these kind of posts :) and i love your purse and those headphones, i've been after a cool pair like that for a while

  4. thanks all, i love looking in other people's bags too

    chelsea - it was the packaging that got me too, although it was difficult to get hold of at the time

    yulanda - you must do one too - you always have the greatest pics!

  5. I need to do this too. Your bag is gorgeous.

  6. pf- thank you, i do carry around a lot of stuff - this is a small bag for me too!


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