Monday, 15 June 2009

Draped Seafoam

H&M seafoam draped jersey top ❖ skinny black trousers ❖ M&S Limited ollection green rose shoes ❖ black pearl necklace & bracelet

On Saturday, I went into town with my dad with the intention of choosing a Father's Day gift for him. Although that mission was accomplished, it was difficult to walk past H&M without having  a quick pop in for myself. I decided that dad's don't do "browsing" very well but instead just stand around looking very uncomfortable and extremely bored.

I have never shopped so fast in my life, my eye racing around the shop floor. Isn't it always the case that you see so may attractive prospects when you either don't have the money or the time? 

This top was one item that caught my eye on the sale rack, a huge bat-wing draped jersey top in a beautiful seafoam shade, definitely one of my favourite colours for the summer. At only £5, I grabbed it quick without trying it on, thankfully it was as I had hoped.

I also spotted a few other items which I will have to call back to for a proper untimed try-on in the very near future.


  1. What a beautiful top!! I am loving the shape, and what a delightful colour :) And it's so true, I always see the best things when I have no money...although I guess it's more to do with the fact that I don't have to decide on anything, so even the rubbishy options still look like options.

  2. what a GORGEOUS top!!


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