Thursday, 25 June 2009

Designer Collaboration - Elspeth Gibson

Another designer collaboration, this time interiors over fashion. Now I wouldn't necessarily expect to buy anything particularly exciting in Tesco. However, I discovered this delightful blossom  range from Elspeth Gibson at the weekend, so had to make a return visit this evening. I was always a fan of of Elspeth Gibson's romantic, feminine and dreamy style of clothing - although I was never lucky enough to own any.

As you can see, I bought the two cake tins and then proceeded to fill them with sweet treats - I have spoken before about my sweet tooth. I was a little dismayed to find a lot of the range on a half price offer - dismayed because I am fully stocked in my flat when it comes to tea pots, cups, saucers and the like. What a shame, I could quite easily have bought the whole range. So so pretty and so so affordable.


  1. How wonderful pretty :) I sooo need to hit up Tesco, I can never have enough crockery. And YUM at the Party Rings, they have to be one of my favourite treats!

  2. I have a sweet tooth too, and those cookies are so pretty!

  3. They are so lovely...and I can't resist for a pink bow anyway :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, much love: Evi

    Ps: Found you via the Dapper Kid project :-)

  4. i'm a sucker for pretty food!

    evi - nice to meet you!


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