Monday, 11 May 2009

Puffy Sleeves

A top that seems to be doing the rounds in blog-land, this H&M offering comes in several colours but it was the blue that appealed. The buttons run down the back and the sleeves are super-puffy upon wear.

H&M ruffle sleeve top ❖ black jeans ❖ black patent gladiator sandals ❖ H&M black socks


  1. Really really pretty! The blue is a great shade!

  2. Oooo. I have this in the same colour. When I bought it it was like a ray of sunshine had entered my life!

  3. How lovely! It must be nice and airy to wear. :)

  4. it seems to be a very lightweight cotton, so it was very cool to wear

  5. Bought it in white...haha
    Love it!
    So "Miu Miu" like


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