Saturday, 23 May 2009

Icon - Annie Clark

I can always count on Refinery29 to introduce me to new inspirations. Their piece on Muses Matter have brought me to singer Annie Clark from band St Vincent which has also encouraged me to download their album Actor. Anyone looking this good, must have a great style of music also, right? 

I'm always influenced by those of the pale skin/dark hair variety as this is most similar to my own look. It is always interesting to look at how others with a similar colouring choose to dress and style themselves, it makes you assess your own choices.

The team at Refinery29 also chose Shingai Shoniwa from The Noisettes, Nataska Khan from Bat for Lashes, Busy Gagnes and Melissa Livaudais from Telepathe, my long-time favourites Erika Foster, Annie Heart and Heather d'Angelo fron Au Revoir Simone and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - there is no denying the personal style from all of these ladies as well as their musical talent.

* On a side note, I have registered a domain for my blog, unable to have the name I wanted with Blogger when I first started, this one is much easier. The name of my blog actually derives from my real name which I do not want coming up on any searches on the world wide web, so I will not divulge. Anyway, in the transition process, I appeared to have completely lost my links list, so have tried to remember as many of them as I can - please let me know if I have missed any of you and would like to be put back on. I'm sure over time I will remember the rest, I will update as I go. 


  1. Yay for pale skin/dark hair! ;-)

  2. haha! there's not many of us around!

  3. Wow she looks absolutely stunning, and I love her hair :) I shall definitely have to check out the band! Unfortunately there don't seem to be that many skin tone/hair colour people out there for me to look towards, apart from someone like Mika. Ooh and I so want my own domain name, but alas, is registered to some gym company who don't actually use it!

  4. you have a great individual look, your hair is amazing. yeah, the dotcom option wasn't available for me either & was in fact a rememberance site. i love the name of your blog though, it really suits you.

  5. There was a free download of one of her songs on itunes ages ago now and I really liked it but never listened to anymore for some reason. Do you like the album?

  6. hannah - it does seem good but will need a few listens though


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