Friday, 22 May 2009

French Sole

French Sole ballet pumps in zebra, lilac snakeskin, silver and leopard ❖ Russell & Bromley black patent quilted

The shoes that I always fall back on, that I have been wearing for many years, are ballet pumps. I generally wear them out, I wear them so much and the brand that I always go back to is French Sole. They stock around 30,000 pairs of shoes and supply to over 500 outlets. When I first started wearing them, there was only a mail order option with a handful of shops that I would come across, how quickly they have expanded. It is easy to order by mail as I always choose the same Low Cut style in a 38 - this style has neither a left or a right foot but molds to your foot.  

I spoke in my last post about my desire for non-fashion classics and how I like my classic items with a touch of history. And although this style of footwear has, I guess, been in fashion for quite a few years now, I also think they are a shoe that will always be "in style" rather than "in fashion". This makes them perfect in my eyes.

There are so many options now for shopping, we no longer need to hit the shops, spending hours on foot. But rather at the press of a button, we can access thousands of items, quite often items that living in a small town or city would not offer. We all want to stay in style and look great. But it's also important to stay in budget, which is why wholesale clothing is a great option for those of us looking to do just that.


  1. I love these! Thanks for showing the site. Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and buy a pair, but seriously, they aren't cheap with the exchange/duty costs and I never know if they'll fit at the wrong spot on the top of the foot. (I have sensitive zone and any rubbing on it is a no go).

  2. I love those patent quilted ones. I like the fact they mold to your feet too!

  3. they are so lovely but yes, expensive here too even. on the one hand not really worth the money as they are quite flimsy and yet on the other very worth the money when it comes to comfort and times per wear

  4. French Sole make such amazing shoes, I love their designs - simple but stylish :) Yum, the third pair looks so lovely! Oh, and I linked you in my sidebar dear :)

  5. hi thanks for your sweet words, great to hear from someone local too,i love ballet pumps too, i like repetto, La have them. i havent any french sole as yet. will enjoy exploring your blog,with wishes Kat

  6. kat - i would really like some repetto ballet pumps, i have some of their jazz shoes and i love them, expensive but worth it!


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