Tuesday, 19 May 2009


How amazing is this image? It embodies all that is Gabrielle Chanel - her apartment in Paris being almost as famous as the lady herself; the classic Chanel suit, repeated over decades; and the signature cream and black colours. I cannot wait for this film to come out in the UK, I think it is released in France this month. It is uncanny how alike Audrey Tatou is, they really could not have found anyone better to play the part - see here for the trailer.  


AlicePleasance said...

We had a tv movie here some months ago about Coco Chanel avant Chanel...it was a coproduction between Italy and other countries and the old Coco was played by Shirley Maclaine. The story is exactly the same of this new movie... I have to say I didn't like the movie at all!

PinkBow said...

Oh nooo! Hopefully this one will be better! I think at the very least it should be visually stimulating!

Jessica Turnbow said...

The movie preview looks amazing! We had a movie come out here in the US on the Lifetime channel (television for women) the movie was pretty good but I agree that Audreu Tautou is PERFECT for the role!