Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bleu Mystérieux

Bourjois Bleau Mystérieux nail varnish

I have posted before my desire to find a Chanel Blue Satin-on-a-budget. Unfortunately I was not successful the last time but I think I may have found my replacement in this Bourjois offering. Having already sampled their black version of the Chanel Black Satin and been very impressed to the point that, other than the packaging, there really was no difference in the product.  Having tried both, I decided to see if this inky, navy blue would match up to it's Chanel counterpart - and I have to say I'm impressed! You do need about three coats to achieve the desired effect but the consistency is very much the same as Chanel, so all in all a very good substitute.


AlicePleasance said...

I have the Chanel one, I don't know why but I've paid a very reasonable price for it at a local store....lucky!

PinkBow said...

very lucky, everything seems so expensive here at the moment