Sunday, 17 May 2009

Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens

I have posted before about Stella McCartney's crystal horse Lucky Spot, so I won't go into the detail again. But I did get chance to visit Belsay in Northumberland yesterday, I'll leave you with what I saw...

The Hall

The Castle

and the Gardens


  1. Wow you took some awesome shots! So pretty. I love exploring buildings that are steeped with so much history...

  2. Amazing photos! Every time I see that horse I find it thrilling!

  3. winnie - me too, it's so good to get out into the english countryside
    k.line - the horse was quite breath-taking against the old castle backdrop

  4. ooh didnt realise the horse was still up,will have to see if i can go over the summer, x

  5. kat - i think it has just returned for it's 2nd visit & is on until early next year


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