Friday, 29 May 2009

Balmy Lavender

Today has been major hot, so I spent some time in the great outdoors and cut some lavender from my garden to bring into the house. I'm such an old lady, I love the smell of lavender and it's healing properties as well as the way it looks. As a whole though, I hate the summer. I know this makes me odd as I don't actually know anyone who shares my feelings on this but I just much prefer the mid-seasons, I think there are far more sartorial options.

Which brings me once again to my trip to London tomorrow. Heat + my wardrobe = do not mix. So I have been trying on practically everything to come up with some suitable possibilities. I managed to blag my way onto a guest list of a club near to the hotel but to my horror this guest list acceptance came with a whole list of rules, especially concerning one's attire. 

Their words, "We only accept the best-dressed people so you will need to fit our funky style". Now this just makes me wonder, is this a place I really want to be going to? Will I be deemed acceptable? Should I even care???


  1. Yum, lavender smells so gorgeous :) Whenever I go to my grandmother's house, she always gives me a bunch of her own grown lavender in a muslin bag. The weather was so beautiful today, I spent quite a bit just relaxing in the garden.

    Yikes and the invite sounds kinda scary, not sure what to make of the 'best-dressed' requirement! It depends who the judge is lol.

    Oh, and how have I not tried rose petal tea?!! I always have rose water in my cupboard for maybe if I tip a little into some weak green tea? Anyhoo, I definitely need to buy some :)

  2. I cannot believe how pretentious that club is! (I mean, I can believe it and now I want to go there and see what it's like and be as snotty as possible... That's what you need to pack, your snotty attitude!)

    I LOVE lavender too.

  3. That's so intimidating! I think I'd rather pass it up but then I'm pretty shy. Lavender is lovely, the smell, the colour, everything.

  4. I LOVE Lavender as well! I live in Arizona, pretty much the hottest place in the US so I cannot grow lavender :( I can grow cactus and thats about it! ;)

  5. Places like that who have a very specific criteria always worry me too. I'm sure you'll be fine though, I'm guessing they just want to keep out trainers, jeans, caps and the like.

  6. I am so trying to grow lavender her in the states (midwest) but the bunnies love it.

    Good luck on your trip. Stay cool. I'd go for the most comfortable sundress and a big sheer scarf. Just in case it cools down or keep the sun off you.

    Of course, I'm a rather um, I might not know what I'm talking about.

  7. I don't think I would like to go in a place like that, by I'm probably a shy snobby...!

    Lavender is great, love the smell :-)


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