Monday, 6 April 2009


A recent buy from Ebay, I was the only bidder on this 1980's power shouldered dress, which I managed to nab for a fiver. I did need to have it shortened as usual and I was going to take the shoulder pads out but have decided to leave them in as they give the dress structure. The colour of the dress is actually purple, it looks blue in these pictures and I love the two-tone effect. But I was mostly drawn to the sequinned scarf that trails down the back of the dress.

Ebay vintage dress  ❖ Tabio tights ❖ black patent gladiator sandals


  1. The dress looks great on you. You manage to pull of those shoulder pads well!

  2. That ebay dress is completely awesome. The shoulder pads look really good actually!

  3. thank you - bring on the shoulder pads :)


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