Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pink Fetish

I definitely seem to have some sort of pink addiction when it comes to accessories, as you can see from the small selection below. I'm not sure why my eye is drawn to this colour but pink in all shades is definitely a favourite of mine.

Assorted bags & purses - Top Shop, Accessorize, Ted Baker, M&S, Furla


yulanda said...

When I was little, I wouldn't be caught dead in any colour besides pink. hehe. I'm no longer that obsessed, but I do enjoy a touch of pink!

mapetiteamy said...

I love pink - along with blue it's my favorite colour :)

yam said...

You are not alone. I can go for a week wearing a different pink blouse/dress every day. I do it unconsciously, too.

PinkBow said...

other pink lovers!
yulanda - you sound very cute when you were little!