Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Crystal Horse

I was lucky enough to attend an exhibition in 2004 at Belsay, Northumberland close to where I live, entitled “Fashion at Belsay”. It displayed art from a selection of designers - Alexander McQueen, Hamish Morrow, Stella McCartney, Julie Verhoeven, Clements Ribeiro, Zandra Rhodes, Paul Smith, Eley Kishimoto and 6a Architects, Jean Muir, Georgina Goodman, Shelley Fox and Agent Provocateur and Vien le Wood. An impressive list by anyone’s standards but the piece de resistance had to be Lucky Spot by Stella McCartney, a beautiful 8000 Swarovski encrusted chandelier in the shape of a horse. Many will remember McCartney’s early horse-infused Chloe collections in 2001, this was yet another mark of tribute to her mother the late Linda McCartney.

The English Heritage project state the theme surrounding the event will be slightly different this time…

"Visitors will take a sensory journey on a garden walk from the Hall to the Castle and on the way they will spot intriguing clues as they hunt for the mystical crystal creature that has 'appeared' again at Belsay.
"Glittering hoof prints can been found in the ground, crystals hang from the trees as if something has brushed past and visitors will know they're getting closer to the horse when they hear the sound of hooves echoing around the Quarry Garden.
"All of this will really build the anticipation of actually reaching the end of the 20 minute walk through the gardens, where the horse can be found shimmering in the Castle sending jewels of light onto the ancient stonework. We hope visitors of all ages will appreciate these artistic yet magical qualities."

The horse is returning to Belsay for the third time this Easter and will be available to see from 10th April until Spring 2010. Many I’m sure would agree, is the return to it’s rightful home as McCartney was originally inspired to design Lucky Spot after her visit to Belsay Hall.

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