Sunday, 1 March 2009

Vintage Fair

So this morning I went to the Affordable Vintage Fair at the University of Northumbria I posted about earlier in the week. While I thought some stalls were expensive (I begrudge paying large amounts of money when I know the price you can get them on Ebay), there were also less expensive items to buy. There was a swap area and a Kilo for £15 option. My Furstenberg dress was £8 and the silver dress was £5 which were both good. I took a couple of sneaky pictures, if you're in the area for future fairs I would definitely recommend a visit.

Although I couldn't see the vintage slip I was looking for, I find quite often it is best to go shopping with an open mind and then you can unearth all sorts of treasures that you weren't necessarily looking for. I am always on the hunt for dresses to add to my 70+ collection and I wasn't disappointed. I found this Furstenberg dress, which if I'm not mistaken is Diane Von Furstenberg pre DVF branding - well I hope it is! And this fabulous trashy silver dress, the cowl neck in the picture below is the back of the dress. Both will need shortening to bring up to date but I am very pleased with today's purchases, I can't wait to wear them.

Trying to find more information on the Furstenberg label, on,

"When Diane Von Furstenburg married Prince Egon Von Furstenburg in 1969, she became a princess—this aristocratic title proved no mean asset when she embarked on a fashion career in 1969, after moving from Europe with her husband to the United States. The cachet of "Princess" on a label proved especially potent to American buyers, aware of the American public's fascination with titles."

The label in this dress does look as though it will be a piece from this early collection, so a good buy!


  1. both dresses are very beautiful, nice buyings!

  2. Amazing buys! That Furstenberg dress is fabulous!

  3. Two fab finds! It's nice to come across another vintage dress fan :)


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