Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Root of Evil

I have long had a hatred of the humble backpack but this morning renewed my intense dislike even more. I take public transport to work, the Tyne & Wear Metro to be exact, each carriage is full of people not only wearing these monstrosities but seemingly refusing to take them off. So, each time they make any small movement, whoever happens to be in their vicinity takes some kind of strike from them. I have been so incensed by them in my years of using the metro system, that I really feel inclined to write a letter of complaint. I hope one day to see one of those stickers on the panes of glass, like 'No Smoking' and 'No Alcohol', as these to me are much more of a hindrance. As well as the physical damage they cause, there is the ultimate fashion car crash they are. Do people look in the mirror before setting off and think this is a good look? My guess is that these are the kind of people who don't look in the mirror and are big advocates of the function over fashion debate. Ugh!

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