Friday, 20 March 2009

Legging Love

I've just discovered this gorgeous shop on Etsy, I Heart Norwegian Wood which sells these fabulous leggings above. When leggings became fashionable a few years back, I never really embraced the trend, mostly because I hate to pick up on a trend that is so diluted on the high street. But I think the trend has passed somewhat so it is probably safe to start to take an interest again. I jut love the fabric, it is so luxe with an ethereal quality due to the muted shade. 

I'm doubting Etsy lately due to a non-arrival of an item I purchased from a vintage seller. I know it is not the fault of Etsy, the seller looked very genuine with lots of positive feedback, but this is the first time it has happened to me and unable to claim my money back, I'm very annoyed!

Also, I'm not so sure I can actually afford these right now and unsure I could be confident of my size and whether I would suit them as I don't have stick-thin legs. But it does make me wonder if I could create them myself. I may well have a look for some fabric and try and determine how difficult it could be.


  1. great shoes!

  2. i have the same shoes but i dream of the leggings!

  3. I hope you finally received your vintage purchase from etsy !!


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