Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Electric Blue

My latest American Apparel order arrived, so I now have two of their tulip skirts in black and navy. I wear these skirts a lot as they are much more comfortable than jeans or trousers and can be mixed up in so many ways. I'm not sure what it is about American Apparel that makes you think you need all of their basics in every colour!

Oasis blouse ❖ AA tulip skirt ❖ black Tabio tights ❖ Kurt Geiger patent cone heels ❖ Links of London & Top Shop assorted bracelets 


  1. I was looking at the tulip skirts at AA today. I really like them. Did you get the poly or fleece version?

  2. I wear a lot of american apparel dresses and tights to work - they really are more comfy than jeans any day!

    i think i want one of everything they have in every colour too...

    you look fab, by the way :)

  3. yulanda - i bought them both in poly as i liked the sheen effect on them but i did have to buy a larger size than usual. i have a couple of the melange pocket jersey skirts & the fit on the tulip is much smaller. definitely worth buying though.

    mapetiteamy - thank you, another aa fan!

  4. fantastic blouse!!:D
    lol yeah i too have to buy AA items in at leat 2 colours, its just because they go with everything really!


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